- A Very Funny Tragedy –
By Bloody Bawdy Villains

(in englischer Sprache)

© Johannes Greisle


In this production of Hamlet I’m going to play Hamlet and I’m going to do all the soliloquies and it will be really good. Nicole and Ela will play most of the other characters but I will also play some of the other characters because I’m really good at playing lots of characters. There will also be some singing and dancing and even if you don’t like Shakespeare you will like this because we make it really clear and really good. Please come because we’ve been rehearsing for ages and it’s going to be really really good.

P.s. I told Nicole and Ela that the audience will pick who plays Hamlet but nobody will want them to play Hamlet because I’m way better at playing him.

Ela Cosen, Nicole Ratjen & Damien Warren-Smith
Director: Lily Sykes
Designer: Friederike Meisel

Duration about 90 minutes
Sprache: English, no subtitles

27. Juni 2017 um 20 Uhr
28. Juni um 14 Uhr und um 20 Uhr
13/8 €
im Acker Stadt Palast
Ackerstraße 169/170, Berlin
Tickets: 13,-/ 8,- Euro unter Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! oder an der Abendkasse