mocca bio
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Mocca is a classical educated singer & voice performer. Born in Gifu (JP) she started her singing career in 2001 Her interpretation of classical & pop pieces captured people all over the world. She loves improvising from a single thought, a moment in time. Her voice has the power to create mysterious unforgettable times, she is a bird, a cloud then suddenly a fairy, a strong heroine, the sea, then time itself. Her words and melodies are full of energy and bring up every kind of dance. Moccas solo career began with a focus on voice using a vocal loop machine, but she also plays, Kalimba, guitar & piano. In 2010 she toured in Europe with Solo performances in Italy and France. She gathered awards for her talent in Japan as well as abroad & works as musical director for COLORS & sung & composed film music for the THE DAY & BLACK BUTLER.She participated in many Festival in Asia & is a member of the butoh group Physical Poets
"May all being be happy" is her way of living & working.