Date: 16. März 2019 10:00

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What's in between?
Spontaneous stories on stage

An actor carries within an infinite number of stories, characters, situations, a whole poetic imaginary universe waiting to be unfolded. The possibility to use words to narrate these stories frees them from any material constraints and allows them to inhabit all their possible worlds in the empty space.
In this workshop we work on the capacity to go on stage and start performing an authentic and engaging spontaneous story involving the whole organism. A process made of two simultaneous aspects: on one side the actor is trying to achieve a state of unrestrained flow of his imagination while at the same time needs to hold together the action and the elements that are emerging and fully commit to them.
During the work a special focus is put on spotting what are the diversions, the self tricks that an actor uses along the creation of a story that prevent them from getting in contact with the potential power and emotions that may be present in it. Every actor is given in this sense an individual attention.
"What's in between?" is a destillation of exercises born from the research group Compagnie des Wanderers in Berlin.
Participants are encouraged to work in their mother tongue. Facilitated in english.

WHO: Federico Schwindt and Gabriela Turano
Targeted at: Performers/actors (Tip! Specially good for people who would like to work or are working on the creation of their own materials.)
PRICE: 100€ | 80€ Early bird until March 7th
WHEN: March 16th -17th | 10am - 4 pm
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