THE UNKNOWN: Transformative Workshop

Date: 30. Juni 2019 16:00

© Nora Fisher

We invite you to come and explore with us the UNKNOWN through conscious movement, conversations, dance and sharing.

We try to know and figure out everything, don’t we?
What am I going to do with my life? What’s going to happen? How will I cope with what’s coming? (Of course “what’s coming” is just our projections and imagination.) 
So many of us experience varying levels of dread and anxiety in walking towards the unknown. We’re afraid we won’t have control over what’s happening. We want to avoid pain or anything horrible. we imagine the worst scenarios and we feel a need to write a script and choreograph our way through life so we can be ready, so we can minimize damages in advance.

But we also try to figure out the past and the present all the time:
Why did this happen? How do I feel about it? How do I feel right now? What does it mean?
We are used to generate meaning for everything in the thought this gives us control and that this way we are on top of things. If we don’t have answers, many of us find ourselves feeling quite uncomfortable.

At the same time, it doesn’t seem like all this trying to figure out, predict and know brings us a lot of well-being… maybe even more preoccupation and unease!

In this 4-hour workshop we will play, explore, express and experience the thoughts, feelings, sensations that arise in us when we are getting in touch with the unknown. We want to see what happens when we expand our comfort zone and start noticing where we are when we agree to not know or figure out, or even just do less of it.

Nora will be leading us with guided conscious movement, and Orit will facilitate conversations. Together we will all compare notes, and maybe, just maybe, we will come out with some insights to inspire us. 

Who knows?

Please bring a water bottle, comfortable clothes and something light to eat during the break. We’ll bring tea and fruit.

WHO: Nora Fischer, Orit Eshel
WHEN: June 30th 2019 | 5 - 9 pm
PRICE: €35 | €30 Early bird (until June 20th)| €40 if paying cash on the workshop’s day
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Im a space holder, a free form movement facilitator, natural flower, free dancer, heart opener, light
bringer, truth seeker, friendships maker, an actress, an artist, a lover and a mother Im a great believer in
movement and dance as a way to observe, connect, develop, heal, express and transform.
During my acting studies I took part in many practices of dance, movement improvisation, contact
improvisation and physical theater. In the last few years Ive been focusing on the conscious dance practice.
In 2017 I graduated from the "Free-Form Movement Facilitators Training" by Hadas Fisher-Oren, which is
focused on the transformative and spiritual aspects of movement. Since 2017 Im facilitating group and
private conscious dance sessions: "Natural Flow-Dance as a heart-opening practice"

I am a transformative coach and teacher. I live in Kreuzberg with my husband and 2 kids, an avid learner and reader and love ice-cream and riding my bike around while listening to podcasts.
A couple of years ago I came across the inside-out understanding (also called ‘the 3 principles’) and got a glimpse of the manual we never got at birth. Since then my experience of life shifts constantly: I am reminded again and again what being human means and realize that I don’t need to change outside circumstances, the weather, or control the behavior of myself and others in order to have a nicer life now. It doesn’t mean I don’t go down rabbit holes or off emotional rollercoasters but it means I understand what’s going on and can wake up again to life and that I experience much more joy and deeper connections.
In my past I was a linguist, specialized in Modern Irish and researched stories, thoughts and states of consciousness. Now as a coach, I explore with my clients very similar topics (except for the Irish…). We look inside to realize our true nature and where peacefulness is found beneath the noise of our thoughts. I coach in Kreuzberg and on video calls and also host group




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  • 30. Juni 2019 16:00

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