Date: 14. Mai 2016 20:00

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MusikTanzNullDreißig- MT030 MusikTanzNullDreißig (MT030) is an initiative of flutist Friederike Wendorf and dancer Manuela Tessi. It is a platform aimed at fostering the collaboration of dance and music in performance. It consists of a performance series in various Berlin venues and practice sessions. Friederike and Manuela met in the improvising scene of Amsterdam. Noticing the interest and potential in the local artists community of Berlin, they decided to create events, that provide a dedicated space where dance and music can mutually contaminate and inspire each other. The MT030 performance series started in November 2014 at "Onkel Gustav" a bar in Prenzlauerberg and is continuing in other venues in Berlin, Club der Polnischen Versager and Greenhouse Plateau Gallery a.o. Dance and music are composed on the spot within set parameters. The artists will make it possible for the audience to contribute to the process of making the performance, while at the same time watching it. With this initiative Friederike and Manuela have been curating several performances of instantly composed dance and music inviting experienced local and international dancers and musicians to perform with them.

This location are chosen on purpose to integrate and expose the performances to the nightlife of Berlin and to escape the sometimes clean and dry atmosphere of dance studios. Manuela and Friederike hope, that this way the work will be exposed to a broader audience, not only necessarily made of insiders of the dance-music scene, but as well locals, who would come to the bar to have dinner or a night out. Recently the MT030 performance series is connecting to its sister project in Amsterdam, Music Dance 301 (MD301) held monthly in cultural centre OT301.

Musiktanznulldreißig will present three instantly composed pieces:

Duo: Adam Pultz Melbye- doublebass and Akemi Nagao-dance
Quartet: Friederike Wendorf - flutes, Mata Sakka and Manuela Lucia Tessi – dance Rieko Okuda – keyboard Costumes by Federico Polucci
Duo : Michael Vorfeld- percussions and Maria Ferrara - dance

Saturday, May 14th, 8pm

Tickets: 5−10€ Sliding scale
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