Date: 26. August 2016 13:00

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Five-day laboratory with Yuko Kaseki and Sherwood Chen

Dancers Yuko Kaseki and Sherwood Chen have collaborated in performance projects internationally since 2006. This co-led workshop consists of dynamic physical training and movement research from different resources including Body Weather and Noguchi Taiso, combined with sensory work, performance études, writing and discussion to dive into sensitized, imaginative improvisation work. 
Referencing Masahiro Mori's uncanny valley hypothesis*, we will examine and crack borders between the socialized body and dissociated bodies. To play the boundaries between: the physical, mental and emotional, person to person, person to object, the interchange of body and object, inner mind and outer form. Proposals will toggle between the humanized object and an objected body. What are the comfort zones between mind and body, and what is the unpleasant objection once these borderlands leak? From indescribable emotion to a concretized physical condition, we will investigate and identify as a group and individually the moving gestalt of these boundaries. Situational imaginations will initiate an exchange of taboos, fears, awe, alienation and memories to arrive at fertile, monstrous states.

* The uncanny valley is a hypothesis in the field of aesthetics that posits the phenomenon that when features of an object resemble and/or behave almost—but not exactly—like living human beings (e.g. androids, puppets, mannequins, computer animation), it causes a response of revulsion among some observers.

WHO: Yuko Kaseki / Sherwood Chen
WHEN: August 22nd - 26th 2016 | 1 to 6pm
PRICE: 260€ | 230€ Early bird until July 15th (date of payment) or with tatwerkcardklein
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