Date: 10. Juni 2016 13:00

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During this five days of BUTOH DELIGHT workshop we’ll give a try to a plot out of mimesis !
Each day, first two hours will be dedicated to basics through Do-In, Taï-Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Body Weather and Jinen Butoh mix methods. Then one hour of collectiv guided improvisations. Then, after short break for small talks and feebacks, some soli improvisations. By mimesis, i mean, where and why start the opinion of rejecting what belongs to us to follow some external impulses. So, if we ask deeper, when do we allow ourselves to follow our own inner path. This very looks like easy focus, we’ll emphasize in a mood of respectfull togetherness. And as a step further, we’ll refers to La Poétique de l’Espace from Bachelard considering how we build a home from dreams and memories. Will take part of the research during this lab, some people interrested in Digigal Art, Eletronic Composer too, and some fellow artists relatives of the facilitator.

A final presentation will be set and delivered the 11th of june in Tatwerk.
This issue is the nineth of Adrien Gaumé aka Sidelaner in Berlin.

WHO: Adrien Gaumé
WHEN: June 6th - 10th | 1 to 5pm
PRICE: 180€ | 150€ Early bird until may 24th (date of payment) or with tatwerkcardklein
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