Date: 30. September 2016 12:00

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As a teacher, student and performer there are number of subjects that i am simultaneously cultivating.
Body Work (strength, flexibility, coordination...), Technique (is a procedure used to accomplish a specific activity or
task), Sens of Dancing ("i am dancing, not exercising", dancing with precise, chosen relationship to the music),Creativity and Freedom, Performance (is an event in which one group of people(performers) behave in particular way for another group of people (audience) ), Enjoyment (fun and enjoyment as a part of the work), Work Ethics ( own discipline and approach to dance art form).
These subjects should be cultivated, nourish each other and coexist at the same time.
I would like to inspire the dancers in building up their own dance method using their knowledge, observation and intuition. My teaching is coming out of my ongoing present research and joy to dance which I would like to pass on.

WHO: Martin Kilvady
WHEN: September 26th - 30th | 12 to 5 pm
PRICE: 150€ | In order to assure your place, half of the payment should be done in advance.
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