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@ Ryszard Nieoczym

After a successful pilot project Laboratorium conducted in Bruxelles, Athens and Thessaloniki in 2016, we will continue to the second phase of the project in 2017.
Ryszard Nieoczym is a former student and collaborator of Grotowski and the focus of his work is theatre research and the deepening of the actor’s craft. Participants will be working with texts of Ryszard Nieoczym´s play „Love & War Inc.“ The workshop includes actoral training, introduction to the work process called Soundings and VoicePower. It focuses on theatre as an ensemble creation. 
Soundings: A nautical term used to frame the exploration process for depth in the craft and art of the Performer; to sound the depths of images within the energy centres of the voice, heart, sex, imagination; to release the Primal Rhythms in the body, to rediscover the spirit of play with precision in all actions.
Soundings are designed as a Master Class for professional actors, recent graduates of theatre schools and actors who need to continue developing their craft. The aims of the project are:
To create the Total Actor: the craft of the actor is the vehicle to go to the extremes in body, voice, monologues and scene studies 
To find full presence in performance
To deepen the craft of performance 
To develop the skills of self-presentation without personal compromise in the audition process & the competitive marketplace of theatre, film & television

All Soundings are rooted in the same basic patterns of direct experience: from praxis to theory. 
The performers are led through a series of cycles of the work / play process. Listed below, the cycles constitute the basic building blocks of the actor training process. 
For past participants it provides a return to the body, a renewal to reconnect with energy sources. More importantly, however, past participants will be given expanded time and individual attention to continue their search for depth in the roles and texts they are developing. For new participants who will share the experiences with the past participants, this exposure provides an introduction to the work / play process about how to prepare and train the body and psyche for the Total Act: to develop a body vocabulary of action with images. All Soundings begin with this basic training program.

The Power of Imagination
The soul/ body / mind create images, fantasies, rooted in archetypal depths. For the performer these depths illuminate his/her craft and art with a power, presence and luminosity that is otherwise missing both from the ordinary life and in performance. This archetypal dimension can only be experienced as image which is why I call our theatre Imaginal Theatre. 

New to former Berlin participants might be the Laboratorium concept. Which focuses on the work as a theatre ensemble having the posiibiity to experience the creation of our own outline of the play: We will be working in a Laboratorium with texts of Ryszard’s „Love & War Inc.“ Past participants are encouraged to learn additional monologues and passages. Of course the Laboratorium also includes the actoral training (body and voice cycles in the six plains of action).
It is going to be an intense and rewarding work for our imagination and souls.

WHO: Ryszard Nieoczym
WHEN: March 1st – 3rd | 1:30 - 6 pm Atelier für Physiches Theater | March 4th - 5th | 11 am - 7 pm TATWERK
PRICE: Regular: 250€ | Students, unemployed Actors, Senior Citizens: 190€ | Early bird* and tatwerkcardklein: minus 10%
*until February 15th
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