Date: 14. Mai 2017 11:00

@ Agnes Sales

Héctor and Agnés’ work focus on partnering, acrobatics, experimental dance, and an investigation into the movement style of each dancer. 
In order to develop and achieve these concepts they propose a series of exercises based on intuition, listening, body-reading, and a conscious awareness of space in relation to these elements.

Let’s not forget the great range of teaching methods from other disciplines that all form a part of their profession.
They rely on intuition within dancing standards. they are working on transitions between acrobatics, weight transfers from inverted and semi-inverted positions, controlling body support points (hands,
head, elbows, knees, etc.) and the introduction of elements found in martial arts and breakdance.
Their objective is to create a body that has mastered its limits and its strong points, and through the power of these investigative exercises they attempt to let the dancer’s personality arise.

Their meeting led them to investigate a fusion between urban dance, acrobatics, martial arts, and partnering, all within a contemporary atmosphere. Their search for an innate and organic movement, which at the same time breaks away from the typical dissociative qualities of urban dance, leads them to a strong and skilled style, enveloped by a strong emotional burden. This mixture of artistic disciplines creates an essence of their work, reflected in their piece Ehiza.


WHO: Héctor Plaza & Agnes Sales
WHEN: May 13th - 14th | 11 am - 2 pm
PRICE: 60€ | 50€ Early bird* and with tatwerkcardklein
*until April 9th
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