Date: 26. März 2017 13:00

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We live in a present that has no historical precedent. Information has never been more accessible and up for grabs by a touch of a button. We are exposed to everything every second, we can read and share ideas at the speed of light, can invent for ourselves virtual personalities that are immortal. Google is the new bible. Old social structures are breaking: moral, family, religion, gender, relationships and on top of it all human communication. This data is penetrating our lives, minds, art and of course - our theater. For sure the core of our needs as human beings hasn’t changed; I think we long to experience art because we want to remember where we came from and know more about where we’re going. For that, we as artists have to train ourselves to full awareness of the here-and-now.
Old theater has been dealing with the explanation of ideas and emotions, discussing the concept of good and bad. Is there something today that theater could or should explain? While the role of theater is changing, our approach to drama, storytelling and the status of the performer must change too.
Consciousness, physics and metaphysics are our gate to enter a world full of new energies and new expressions for our beloved art. I believe the performer today shouldn’t be occupied with performing, but with passing knowledge as a modern shaman, hence the performance itself should be a contemporary ritual.
Welcome friends to the new theater, or as I call it: “The Illuminative Temple Club”.
The workshop is open to Performers, Actors, Dancers, Directors, Acting Teachers and more. The workshop celebrates and challenges the Art of Performance, yet all creative people can benefit from its’ tools and are welcome to participate.

WHO: Itay Ganot 

WHEN: March 24th | 12 - 6 pm || March 25th | 1 - 6 pm || March 26th | 1 - 9 pm
PRICE: Regular: 210€ | 180€ | Early bird* and tatwerkcardklein
*until March 10th 2017
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