Date: 13. Mai 2018 15:00

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breathing thinking sharing dancing aligning voicing
a workshop with final performance with Angela Lamprianidou

Language, words and rhythm start to act and react in the body as one thinking and feeling entity.
The choreographic Intermezzo YOU ARE THE POINT provides friction on a high level.
Angela Lamprianidou invites you to an appointment with yourself.
A retrospection into your umbilical cord!
You are the driver of your car and how and when you get to your destination is completely up to you.
Art and consciousness united in a playful dance.
Drawing on various experiences from the worlds of theatre and dance, and particularly on my own work “Appointment on stage”, a dance theatre piece, this workshop will explore the conscious body as an entity of voice body and mind.
There will be many playful group exercises along with explorations on a smaller scale, investing in both the personal and the ensemble experience. YOU ARE THE POINT invites you to reflect your own thoughts and feelings, through words, body exercises and breathing tecniques.
The workshop is open to professionals in the field of dance and performance.

WHO: Angela Lamprianidou
WHEN: May 10th - 13th 2018 | 3 - 6 pm / Open showing may 13th | 5.30pm
PRICE: 100€ 
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„Even after the first Session I went home doing the movements and saying the mantras, I realize my thoughts and speech became clearer, it helped me concentrate. I sing better after this work, I hear my voice“ Yota Tselenti Singer

„I could perceive my own radical way of thinking and further, through the work, I was able to soften it by becoming more aware of it.“ Irineu Marcovecchio / Ballett dancer

„What does it mean to be free? What does it mean to be the person you are? The questions what we raised in this appointment, are questions particulary present in my life. For me life and art are not separated, there are no coincidences, I felt free to share it with the other dancers“ Ntrei Paula



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