Date: 16. Juni 2018 11:00

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"Art is not pure aesthetics, body does not only move to perform certain rhythms, but above all to train the consciousness to harmonize with the unconscious"

A six days workshop on how to perform together, as a group, the shape of time: a practice for creating from the relations between space and movement, silence and sound.
The body will rediscover its creative instinct and mind will be trained to stay in contact with its poetic nature, where to speak freely and never lie. 

Starting from using our body in relation to space and to others, the training will evidence how to find prompts in the resistance of our surroundings.
Through guided improvisation we will define the possibility to create beyond concept, also using themes coming from books and works of art.
From what is there and what we are, simply, we'll try to bring on scene what is needed.

Open to everyone interested in theater or in a personal research: whoever wants to join a creative process and give it shape. Different languages and skills are welcome.

WHO: Michele Galasso
WHEN: June 11th - 16th | 11 am - 2 pm (plus, optional, free afternoons open air)
PRICE: 130€ | 100€ early bird* until May 13th
*The early bird price applies always for TATWERKCARD holders
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