Date: 29. Juli 2018 10:00

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“So foul and fair a day I have not seen”

“Macbeth and his consequences” is a new project I am working on where not only actors but also dancers and directors are invited to work together in order to create and explore “Macbeth” and its battle.
The participants will be the real protagonists with their creative path and their active participation. We will explore this ancient and well known play in a uncommon way, where words won’t be our first instrument but our last or maybe we won’t need them at all.
We will explore the birth of the evil and its way of insinuating itself in the human soul and its consequent control on the personal will, which creates the most ferocious and unacceptable conflict that our awareness can bear.
Macbeth begins with such a battle, and what happens through all the play is quite shocking. It is as if Shakespeare would want us to rejoice for the carnage and the massacre of the bodies and to feel the pleasure in watching this gushing blood. It is not about the disavowal of the sin as much as about the enjoyment of it.

The field in wich the battle takes place is an empty space too far from God where his voice can’t reach us. This shelter from the divine’s look offers us an horrible discover: there is another look and that is the awful voyeur. Shakespeare’s point of view is originated in the greek tragedy where the staging of passions and violence and the evil side of the human being are needed to create what is called “catharsis” - that is the “purification” that Aristotele shows as the liberation from passions through the tragedy. In “Macbeth” this representation is much more ferocious than in any other Shakespearian play, and maybe this game is completely turned around. The question comes almost naturally: what if there was no liberation? What if liberation was to embrace soul and mind corruption in a vital jump that overwhelms everything instead of trying to take distance from it?


The workshop will be structured in two parts.In the first part we will be focused on the training and on our body.In the second part the work is going to be centred on the play and on the creative proposals. Our journey will end up with an open reharsal that is just a way to meet the audience, to have a first confrontation and show the beginning of our research.
The workshop is open for 15 actors and dancers, 3 directors, 2 musicians.
The final presentation will be on the last day of workshop, Sunday July 29th at 8:30 pm

WHO: Pierpaolo Sepe
WHEN: July 16th - 29th | 10 am - 6 pm (working pause on the first Saturday and Sunday) | Final presentation: July 29th | 8:30 pm 
PRICE: 400€ | 350€ early bird* until June 16th
*The early bird price applies always for TATWERKCARD holders
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