ARTraining for Performing Arts

Date: 10. Februar 2019 14:00

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ARTraining for Performing arts is an artistic training method used mainly for performative artists that wish to approach their artistic expression as a tool of investigating their consciousness.
The training consists of various physical and mental exercises, each one breaks and sets up a fundamental element in the art of performance.
This work of destruction and construction aims to break through the boundaries of the performance and enter the realm of the inquiry.
Once we enter, the session transforms into a ritual - an energetic and live event.
The method is constantly being developed by Itay Ganot, a multidisciplinary Israeli artist, currently living in Berlin.
Itay’s experience, both as a performer and as a teacher, enables him to guide the participants and hold the inquisitorial state.
Itay has reached the understanding that the experience that can be achieved by live performance must be much more connected to the here and now, and allow the performers, along with the audience, to go through a one time event.

WHO: Itay Ganot
WHEN: February 8th | 11 am - 4 pm / February 9th | 11 am -5 pm / February 10th | 2 - 9 pm
PRICE: 250€
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Itay Ganot · 42, Artistic Mentor, Theater Director, Actor and Curator. Graduate of the Nissan Nativ Acting School in Israel, currently lives n Berlin. In the last few years, has been developing the ARTraining method, leading workshops for performance and multi-disciplinary art world-wide. His project “White Shadow” (2016) which he created, directed and performed, was successfully shown in Germany and Israel.



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