Date: 11. Februar 2019 10:00 - 18:00

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A research workshop with Pierpaolo Sepe

“to die, to sleep, perchance to dream- ay, there’s the rub. For in this sleep of death what dreams may come”
W. Shakespeare

We will open up the dispute between theory and experience and develope a theatrical language for this production to come.
Actors, director, dancers and musician are invited to work with Italian theatre director Pierpaolo Sepe about this ancient and yet ever modern play.
This is a tragedy of love, of family, of the nation. It is a cruent story, a battle between past and future, the story of the extinction of a whole generation.
Halmet is the emblem of the modern tragic hero and like all those heros he is persuading us to ask: what is life?
In this moltitudes of themes and events we need to choose where we stand towards the tragedy. Who is Hamlet today? Who Claudius, who Ophelia?
Through a contamination of other textes and different media we will develop a first draft and present it to an audience as the first step for a long breath process which will set the first step of Pierpaolo Sepe’s work in Berlin.

Words are never enough to describe feelings. Words are just an approximation of our language; they are incapable of giving back the value to a sensation or to an emotional state.
Most of the times our body fills the void of meaning left back from our words. It is capable of defining and revealing what words try to hide because of their fears. In theatre, if the actor’s body is missing of control or if there is a delay in the gesture choice it can become an inability of the actor himself.

This is the main point of my pedagogical research in order to create an actor filled up with meaning, who’s able to give a total interpretation obtained with a real effort without hiding it behind a rethorical formalism.

The participants will be the real protagonists with their creative path and their active participation.
We will explore this ancient and well known play in a uncommon way, where words won’t be our first instrument but our last or maybe we won’t need them at all.
The work will be structured in two sections:
The first part is going to be focused on the training and on our body. An intense training will help to open up our main instrument that is our body with all ist muscles and all the creative potential hidden into it. We will look for the poetical gesture that contains and carries the essence of a moment, of a scene or the whole play.
The second part of the work is going to be centred on the play and on the creative proposals. We will look for hiddend meanings, simbols and methaphores that are going to bring our interpratation to another level where poetry meets magic. Music will have a central role in our research. It can guide us, light up new meanings, encourage us towards unknown places. Our journey will end up with an open reharsal: a way to meet the audience, to have a first confrontation and show the beginning of our research.

WHO: Pierpaolo Sepe, Valia La Rocca
WHEN: February 6th - 7th 2019 | 10 am - 6 pm / February 9th 2019 | 4 - 9 pm / February 11th - 17th 2019 | 10 am - 6 pm
*** OPEN PRESENTATION: February 17th | 7 pm***
PRICE: 400€ | 350€ Early Bird until January 22nd
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Pierpaolo Sepe started his career as a director in 1991 and from that day he created more the fifty plays. In 1997 he started an artistic collaboration with Nuovo Teatro Nuovo di Napoli that is still alive today. In 2005 he won the award “Premio Flaiano” as Best Theatrical Director; in 2012 the National Assosiation of Theatrical Critics (Associazione Nazionali dei Critici di Teatro ) assigned him the Critics Award 2012( Premio della Critica 2012) for the direction of “Le Cinque Rose di Jennifer”; again in 2012 he won the MArteAwards, the italian award for the artistic innovation for the direction of “Anna Cappelli” with Maria Paiato. In the season 2013/2014 italian theatres hosted his latest plays : SIK SIK by Eduardo de Filippo, presented at the Festival Benevento Città Spettacolo – and MEDEA by Seneca. This year he is nominated for the award Lettere 22 as best direction for “ Il Servo”. Great explorer and lover of the contemporary dramaturgy , he’s always looking for new expressive languages and his theatre has political and social aims. He’s fully convinced of the centrality of the actor and hopes for a theatre where there is a real collaboration between the roles.



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