Date: 16. März 2016 17:00 - 20:00

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...become the still point in the storm.

Performance Practice led by Barnaby Tree, an improvisation performance artist with over 25 years of creative and teaching experience. Musician, poet and composer will lead you into the arms of your best teacher - your own experience.
This is a 7 week commitment to performance. We will gather for a 3 hour session each week to practice, question, and support each other in the live act of performance.There will be homework each week and the opportunity to develop your own solo or small group work to be performed in week 7.
This is an invitation to performers, musical dancers, dancing musicians, poetic athletes, athletic poets and all those that find they are neither an athlete, poet, dancer, musician, pilot, or actor but something other and definitely inspired and interested in PERFORMANCE, IMPROVISATION AND LIVE PHYSICAL ART.
This is an intermediate level course and would be useful for people with performance experience and wish to expand their practice. Newcomers must have some kind of physical training or awareness, or are stubborn, open and courageous. It is a 7 week commitment. The aim being to DEVELOP YOUR OWN PRACTICE, so by the end you have the courage and the tools to continue working.
        TRAINING of the body and voice... become an authority of your own body. Know yourself in neutral and in action. We will focus on how we can be prepared to perform. Both immediately before going into action and when you are just going through the life. Training is also about undoing our habits, which can only happen of course when we have recognized and lived our habits. Our habits are our friends and our starting points in improvisation.
        CONTINUOUS MOVEMENT PRACTICE - a score developed by tree in previous courses as a way of moving through our limitations.
        IMPROVISATION - an open space where we can try out different realities. We shall perform and we shall witness. Think of the witness as a performer in neutral. The act of witnessing is central to performance and we shall develop our active witnessing capabilities. Learn to be the one who sees, then perform.
        MEDITATION and RITUAL- This work supports and explores the natural process the body and mind goes through when put under the stress of having to perform. You are stepping over into another state of being.....(or behaving unusually) AND coming back to equalized state (so you can sleep at night). It’s useful to be able to stop performing. Learning this over and over again is the path to subtlety.
        DESIRE – learn to watch and gauge desire, know when to act. Its your direct line to power and your navigation system. We can develop both thoughtfulness and instinct.
        PRESENCE ....what the hell is that? We can immediately recognize it in others, can we recognize it in ourselves? We won’t mention presence too much as it’s like trying to talk about the un-nameable, but bare it in mind. Presence perhaps is, strangely enough, the relationship you have to what you are doing....?
        MUSIC is a great way to understand composition - with music it is clear when there is too much can ́t hear anything. We will make simple music together. Improvising can be both the tool and the means of composition.
        SOLO work. Through journal keeping and your own hard work you will develop material to make a performance. I will be encouraging you all the time to be collecting and exploring that which holds your interest. In week 7 we will perform at Tatwerk or surprise venues somewhere in Berlin.
        HOMEWORK....! yes the weekly classes are supported by exercises, ideas, poems, inspirational material that you can complete and enjoy in the comfort of your own space. This will be sent by e-mail. There will also be a blog open only to the students later in the course so we can share discoveries. 
*in past courses, the homework was one of the most fruitful parts of the 
This course will support a self motivated artist. Commit to performing every week for 

7weeks!Self-Responsibility, independence and openness are the key.
Do come and join me! Its going to be fun and inspiring!
If you wish to take part, write to me and tell me a little about yourself and what you are interested in. This is a loose application process, I would like to get to know you a little before we agree to work together.

WER: Barnaby Tree
WANN: 16. März bis 27. April | Mittwochs 17 bis 20 Uhr
SPRACHE: Englisch
PREIS: 150€ | 120€ Frühbucher bis 17. Februar oder mit tatwerkcardklein
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