TATWERK | PERFORMATIVE FORSCHUNG is a production centre and studio for the performing arts in Berlin.

The artistic research focus in physical theatre, dance and performance with a particular attention to interdisciplinary projects.

TATWERK is a crossing point for artists who chose the body as material and the research as a tool for their work. Our work consists in offering an artisic exchange platform for ideas, artistic practices and projects.

Our main interest concentrates on multidisciplinary, political and poetic projects in the field of the performing arts. We are in particular interested in the research of thematic and esthetic tension fields beween different artistic, social and scientific disciplines. The resulting program consists in events and festivals where chosen artists present their work in form of previews, work in progress or ready productions.

Furthermore we offer support in technical questions, in the production and PR. We open our network and activate new, unexpected connections.
TATWERK | PERFORMATIVE FORSCHUNG responds to the need of many artists for an open space and pursues long term work relationships.