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February 22nd 2020 | 8:30 pm

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Die Berliner Erklärung der Vielen

BERLIN braucht KUNST braucht RAUM
Raumkampagne der Koalition der freien Szene

Ana Kavalis

© Ana Kavalis

Ana Kavalis is a native-born Cuban dancer, actress and performer. Her path through the performing arts has being as heterogeneous and diverse as her own life. She begins her modern dance studies in the Narciso Medina Dance Academy in Havana, Cuba, learning from teachers like Manolo Vásquez and Tangin Fong. Because of family reasons in 1996 she emigrates to Montevideo, Uruguay, where she decides to initiates herself in the dramatic arts. 2000 she obtains her degree as an Actress at the Escuela Multidisciplinaria de Arte Dramático (E.M.A.D). 2001 she goes to Sao Paulo, Brazil to study the method of acting developed by Antunes Filho and the Macunaíma group in the Centro de Pesquisa Teatral (CPT). There she discover also physical theater, Japan traditional theater and butoh dance, all elements and knowledge that impulse her to begin of what later will be her personal work as a solo performer. In 2004 she arrives in Berlin and stays. From 2005 till 2007 she collaborates with the group Djalma Primordial Science. This very intense experience and their very strong work with the body and the relation to music, empower her to continue working in her own projects looking for a personal language on the stage. Some of her solo-performances pieces after this period are Eurydike-eine Anatomie des Schattens (2007), Pentesilea (2009), Lilith im Spiegel (2011) and Das Meer hinter der Mauer (2012). Her personal work moves at the boundaries of theater and dance, using dramaturgy as well as improvisation. Text, dance, music and objects have an equal importance of significance on stage. Her performances touch the items of body, genre, femininity, memory and cultural identity in many different ways, using the personal heritage and background as the theater or literature characters. Recently her new solo Qui se cache dans ce corps? has being presented at La Fabka in Saint-Ètienne and at the Théâtre du Galpon in Geneva.