Tony De Maeyer

© Philipp Arnoldt

Actor, trainer, specialist in the Biomechanik of W. Meyerhold

The belgian film and theatre actor was born in Brussels and studied at the Royal Flemish Conservatory in Antwerp with Ivo Van Hove.
He studied further through many workshops as f.ex. with Luk Perceval. 1996 he meets Gennadi N. Bogdanov (GITIS Moscow) in Berlin.
This is the beginning of a very intensiv collaboration which enables him to adopt the principles of the Biomechanics and to put them into praxis through international performances.
De Maeyer is probably one of the few actors worldwide who has reached an almost perfect assimilation of the Biomechanical principles in his acting. Since many years De Maeyers teaches the Biomechanics in schools and universities such as the UdK, AdK and many others across Europe.
As an expert of Biomechanics he gets engaged at state theatres (Theater Aachen, Volksbühne etc.) and theater companies to artistcally support productions by training the actors and making them familiar with the principles of Biomechanics and staging their body in movement.
This way he worked with Christian von Treskow, Dimiter Gottschef, Darijan Mihajlovic and many others.
De Maeyer has set himself the challenge to free Meyerholds Biomechanics from its too dogmatic historical context by developing it more and more as a modern actingmethod. For him, Meyerholds Biomechanics are as relevant as the work of K. Stanislavski and definitely essential for the craft of the actor.
1993 De Maeyer was honored with the Best Actor Award on the Intenational Filmfestival in Brussels.