Maria Colusi


© Maria Colusi

Maria Colusi, born in Buenos Aires, Argentinien.
She studied classic and contemporary dance at the Taller de Perfeccionamiento of Teatro San Martin in BsAs, Argentine and at the American Dance Festival, USA with Lisa Rase, David Dorfman, Martha Mayers and Rafael Barrantes.
She Works in Argentina with Roxana Grinstein,Oscar Araiz Contemporary Ballet of Teatro General San Martin and Ana Maria Stekelman Tangokinesis Company.
 In 2001 she got a scholarship in Argentina at the Fundacion Antorchas to study dance and composition in France.Since 2003 until 2010 she was part of the Sasha Waltz and Guest Ensamble and in the present as a Guest dancer.
In 2011 she became freelancer performer, teacher and Choreographer in Berlin.
She teaches profitrainning at Laborgras,Tanzfabrik and gives Repertoire Workshops from Sasha Waltz at Radial System in Berlin,Argentina and Korea.She performed and choreographed in Improprojects: Improevenings¨ in LaborGras 2012 with Lena Meyerkord and SumiSchang.
¨Taktstelle¨ 2012 in Teather Kapelle in collaboration with LaborGras and the Band ParisSuitYorself a dialoge improvisation between dance and rock pop music,Average with Rieko Okuda In Kühlhaus Berlin.
In 2011 and 2013 she performed and choreoghaphed a Solo work ¨ Witness¨ in collaboration with the composer Edgardo Rudnitzky.Plataforma Festival - Ufer Studios and Dock11.In 2014 she choreograph for a Rummtskbaa Performance GROOVEBRANTZE in the Acker Stadt Palast.
In 2015 she did an interdisciplinary piece ¨ Topo¨ in collaboration with Ayaka Azechi Kazuki Nakahara and Edgardo Rudnitzky in Dock11, ¨ Tonudertow¨  in collaboration with Maya Carroll , Roy Carroll and Edgardo Rudnitzky in Eden Studios Berlin. Zwischen Welt Festival für Musik und Tanzimprovisation with Edgardo Rudnitzky (sound Objects und electronic) in Acud Teather.