The usable floor space amounts to 120 m2. The studio is equipped mit wooden floor, light and sound system, a projector and mobile chairs for the audience.



1 Mixer (18 Channels)
8 PC 500W
4 Profiler 750W
4 PAR 56 (350W)
4 PAR 56 Long (300W)
10 PAR 30 (100W)
2 Dimmer 4 x 1000W
2 Lightbars 4 x 350W


PA 550W
Mixer 12 Channels


1 Projector


60 Chairs, Cushions

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Ground plan

TATWERK | PERFORMATIVE FORSCHUNG is located in the secon courtyard, 3rd floor of an old factory complex in front of the Hasenheide park in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Buses, underground as well as the Berliner Ring can be reached in a few minutes.

It can be used for rehearsals andworkshops hosting up to 25 people.
For performance and events, according to the stage situation, the studio can host up to 80 people.