Michele Galasso

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Theater pedagogue, actor, director and writer, he has been working for years on the use of body as a creative connection between people and space. He taught in theater academies, schools and marginal areas such as shanty towns, suburbs and contexts with social complexity.

He achieved a multidisciplinary competence entering in contact with the methods of Barba (Odin Teatret), Brook, Mejerchol'd, Karpov, Lecoq, Stanislavsky, Vassiliev, Living Theater, Boso (Commedia dell'Arte), Linklater and many others. Graduated at Palestra dell'Attore in Rome, where he taught, and at EUTHECA, European Union Academy of Theatre and Cinema, with LAMDA recognition and BA in Acting at University of Wales. He worked in Italy and abroad in many productions: from prose to figurative theater, from cinema to contemporary dance, from shadow theater to visual art.

Drawing from his experiences and studies he developed his own method of working with actors, which he used to create his last productions with Teatro delle Viti (which he founded in 2010) and on his own, signed by the use of original dramaturgies. He lately directed a performing theater workshop in Berlin with migrants and refugees on the themes of Ulysses and Heimatlos condition.



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