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The working model

Together with each artist and group, the management team develops a cooperation concept tailored to their needs in order to provide support in those areas where there is the greatest need.

Thus, TATWERK takes on various tasks in the different phases of the work, such as support in the applications, dramaturgical advicing, production management or press and public relations.

Curatorial approach

The focus is on political and poetic projects of the performative arts, especially the exploration of thematic and aesthetic fields of tension between different artistic, social and scientific disciplines.

Priority is given to visionary concepts that reflect and question social dynamics, that introduce new ways of working and formats into the scene on the basis of their questions.

At TATWERK, curation means discussion and conversation at eye level.
Our goal is the formation of sustainable networks. Intensive collaboration creates inspiration and stimulation for all participants and ultimately serves continuity in one's own artistic practice.

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