Sophie Ketteniß

© Tim Deussen

Sophie is an interdisciplinary theater and dance artist and a studied linguist. Born and raised in Berlin, Sophie developed her first theater plays amongst an intergenerational theater group lead by dance theater pedagogue Elena Bronsert in the city’s eastern periphery. She later participated in youth dance projects run by Faster-Than-Light-Dance-Company: “ZweiNsamkeit” (2009/Theater an der Parkaue) and “Orgel trifft Tanz” (2010/Berliner Dom). Whilst living in Scotland, she joined a Script Writing class guided by writer Raymond Ross that united a diverse group of local and temporary Edinburghians. Dismantling barriers of language, class, gender and age furthermore inspired her belief in the power of a subaltern community-based approach to theater and storytelling. From 2014 on, Sophie trained in physical theater, contemporary dance and butoh with Chilean director, actor and choreographer Samuel Nunez in Leipzig and Berlin. In 2016, she gladly took the chance to undertake a Traineeship as director’s assistant with choreographer Constanza Macras/Dorkypark for the production “ALBUM”. From March to December 2016 she was a member of the physical theater company project at Tatwerk Berlin, developing and performing in the production “STEPPE”. In 2017, she started to teach in the Physical Theater class at Tatwerk. Her personal interest in dance pursues the questions of how to gain insight on a physical level and how to work with the body in order to initiate knowledge. Besides working as a sign language assistant for deaf school children, she is currently developing her new project “NEBEL” within a performance collective on intergenerational remembering and the transformation of values