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Atlas of Sounds / Hasenheide

  • Ludomir Franczak
  • June 29th 2024
  • TATWERK | Berlin

"Atlas of Sounds" explores the audiosphere of different places, including both audible and hidden/imaginary phenomena. The area of artistic research in Berlin is Volkspark Hasenheide.

City skyline at sunset with purple and pink clouds. Dark foliage is in the foreground. © Museum Neukölln

"Atlas of Sounds" is a traveling idea. Through the project, Ludomir Franczak explores the audiosphere of different places, including
both audible and hidden/imaginary phenomena.
Volkspark Hasenheide brings a variety of sounds into its audiosphere - shreds of the past, still smoldering in the vibrating air of the
area. Like the sounds of the gymnastic exercises of the group led by Turnvater Jahn, or the soft singing of the rubble trapped in the
Rixdorfer Höhe; the cries of the peacock coming from the depths of the park. .... All this is surrounded by a landscape that tells its own
story. Let's unveil its parts and try to assemble a temporary picture from sounds, objects and images.
For one week in May and three weeks in June, Ludomir Franczak conducted a small-scale research in the area of the park - both from
a contemporary and historical perspective, capturing sounds and images, collecting stories. The work-in-progress show brings this
archive to the public. It becomes a small and intimate performative piece that shows one of the possible ways to go through the found

Funded by the European Union and the Goethe-Institut.
This work was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to
reflect the official opinion of the European Union.

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Residency: May 13th- 19th , June 10th - 30th  2024

Work-in-progress: June 29th 2024 | 8 pm
Free entrance.

In English spoken language.

Please reserve:



Idea, research and performance: Ludomir Franczak
Sound production: Marcin Dymiter
Artistic Producer: Aurora Kellermann
Production: TATWERK Berlin


Ludomir Franczak — visual artist, theater director and curator. His works are shown in galleries, theaters, public spaces and festivals.
He cooperates with musicians (Marcin Dymiter, Robert Curgenven, Robert Piotrowicz), visual artists (Magdalena Franczak, Sebastian Buczek) and theaters (Schaubude/Berlin, TATWERK/Berlin, Cross Attic/Praga, Szwalnia/Lodz), and is a member of the collective that created the Polish pavilion at the Prague Quadriennale in 2023.
His main interest is the question of memory, identity and activism. Through intermedia actions, he creates complex projects using both visual arts and history or literature. He is the author of several artistic publications and sound works.