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Missing MS N.N.

  • TsaDiEli
  • November 15th - 16th 2019
  • TATWERK | Berlin

From the standstill of »being different«, an active movement of »creating together« has emerged.

In the center of the photo is a young actress in a red shiny skirt kneeling in the black stage space, gesticulating, speaking towards the audience. © Ronald Spratte

A woman stands alone on stage. She is everyone, but also no one. She has no name and is arbitrarily titled by others with various names: Annika, Bitch, Girle, Mama, Slut, Token...she wants to reclaim the stage for herself, can she do it? Will she fail? And how toxic is this society towards all Ms*? Does she even have a future? Is there even a happy ending? The piece is an artistic reappraisal of traumatized experiences after sexual harassment as well as sexualized violence. Thereby we, the collective TsaDiEli, want to make the important topics visible and empower those affected.

This work was created as a play development and is presented as the first production of TsaDiEli. Our partners Theaterhaus Mitte, Rolands Küra and Tatwerk Berlin support us in a very friendly and respectful way. With our democratic way of working we want to establish such working structures in the field of theater.


November 15th2019 | 8:30 pm

Further shows:
November 16th 2019 | 8:30 pm

TATWERK | Berlin



Text, direction and production: Frederika Tsai
Text, co-direction and dramaturgy: Davide Di Palo
Text and acting: Hannah Elischer


The theater collective TsaDiEli consists of Frederika Tsai, Davide Di Palo as well as Hannah Elischer. They all have connections with Schwabenland and found each other again in Berlin in 2018. They have each worked in the German theater scene for a long time and felt they did not belong to the system. From the stagnation of »being different«, an active movement of »creating together« has emerged. As a name they have chosen TsaDiEli, it is not only the composition of their names, but also by the sound marks their non-categorizability in this society.
»Missing Ms N. N.« is the first piece that presents them as a collective. As a collective they will continue to focus on socially critical themes, but the forms of presentation will always change and renew.