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Puxar Pele - performance

  • Juliana Wähner
  • October 28th 2018
  • TATWERK | Berlin

The living installation "puxar pele" works with the impact of a moving image consisting of bodies that are resigned by placing them as a malleable substance.

Photography naked intertwined white people body parts © Juliana Wähner

The work is based on the methodology of a new existence formation: without possession, protagonism and emotions. In this philanthropic act one deals with the physical equality of all bodies, the total dedication to deep introverted work and with a constant challenge in the contact between bodies. A contribution to the reflection on the body as a material that continually shapes and deforms in its own rhythm. There is horizontality in the mass, the body materials, and in the time of the emergence of a new composite living being through this fusion of several bodies that temporarily share the same existence.


Concept and direction: Juliana Wähner
Performance: Juliana Wähner and workshop participants


Oktober 28th 2018 | 20:30 Uhr

TATWERK | Berlin