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Out of balance - Leben im Ungleichgewicht

  • Rosalin Hertrich
  • January 12th - February 18th 2016
  • TATWERK | Berlin

fitter, healthier and more productive 
a pig
 in a cage
 on antibiotics (radiohead)

 Blurred photo of train tracks © Rosalin Hertrich

Life is out of balance. Is this thesis true? What are the implications? Is a life in balance desirable or do we need the imbalance? How long do we want to live in speed, with a lot of pressure, or in complete freedom? Do we need slowness, depth or emptiness? Do we decide for ourselves or do we follow the capitalist logic of competition? What is our social state next to and with the technical devices? How do our bodies react to the flood of information?

According to sociologist Hartmut Rosa, the social world has accelerated. The natural processes of human beings have become faster due to the industrial revolution and technical progress. But can we still keep up? Can we fit even more into our lives? - Or have we already arrived at a "racing standstill," where everything moves but nothing changes?

In this project we look at our contemporary body and life states and those of our (social) environment. Using methods from physical theater, contemporary dance, influenced by somatic and theater pedagogical approaches, we explore themes such as: Acceleration, repetition, standstill, imbalance & balance, de-placement, flexibility and rigidity, sensory overload, competition, tension, pressure, disorientation....

In movement research we work on theses, questions and findings and look for physical forms of representation.


Direction: Rosalin Hertrich
Music concept/ Percussion: Julien Mégroz
Percussion & Performance:
Irene Anglada Espalader, Frederick Bechtel, Svenja Behle, Marcellina Božek, Kristin Brechler, Charlotte, Edith Hammer, Juliette Kahlert, Carolin Kipka, Josepha Lienert, Josef Mehling, Carina Meyer, Imke Momann, Inga Panovaite, Kerstin Porges, Theresa Schrezenmeir.


January 12th 2016 - February 18th 2016
8pm and 10pm

TATWERK | Berlin