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Non Solo / IN‑EXtension

  • Cristina Abati in dialogue with Enrico L’Abbate
  • March 11th 2017
  • TATWERK | Berlin

»By convention sweet, by convention bitter, by convention hot, by convention cold, by convention color: but in reality atoms and void.«

Photo of several performers on stage, only one lit person, the others out of focus in foreground © Niccolò Dainelli

Non solo

Cristina Abati

A performance project which stems from the desire to investigate the space between the observer and the subject being observed - a »lake of vibrating lines«, as C. Rovelli puts it in »Reality Is Not What It Seems«, bringing us the image of what we are watching.
In »Non solo«, the performe questions the nature of this space: a place crossed by a body there as an interaction of layers and density, a landscape generated by vibrating particles and energy at a temperature rising as matter transforms.
Within this territory, the viewer is invited to watch and receive, to get lost in the vision of a granular, vibrating body, drawing heat traces at a thermal tempo governed by Blutwurst’s music. Thanks to its time and sound expansion, this music gets the space ready for this fall into the vision.



Light and darkness, body and space, indoor or outdoor system. »Imagination dead imagine«.
Inspired by S. Beckett’s »All strange away«.


Non solo
Concept and performance: Cristina Abati
In dialogue with Enrico L’Abbate
Sounds: Blutwurst
With the support of Caterina Poggesi/FOSCA
Residency: Il Vivaio del Malcantone
Thanks to: Niccolò Dainelli, Fabrizio Gallai

Concept: LABEN
Performers: Challenge Gumbodete, Enrico L'Abbate
Music: JD Zazie / LABEN


March 11th 2017 | 9 pm