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Alpha Who?

  • Matt Franco, Saverio Tonoli & Gail Sixsmith
  • August 9th 2019
  • The Cockpit | London

Exploring vulnerability & masculinity

Sharing Before Showing
Shadow play on red canvas. Silhouette of a man with arms stretched up and fingers splayed © Matt Franco – Alpha Who?

Part theatre, part dance and part visual art installation, Alpha Who? is a scripted solo piece in three acts that combines language with a fusion of Gaga/Butoh/Bodyweather choreography, a curious journey through our personal cultural pressures to conform into one definition or another.
It begins at a place of exploring what it means to be a man today, in relation to vulnerability, emotionality and masculinity/femininity. By doing so, follows a broader comment on the personal politics of definitions and the supposed need to divide.
With inventive and aesthetically stimulating scenography by Saverio Tonoli, the performance arrives at constant moments of still and moving Art. This visual celebration of the purity of stage composition provides a beautiful canvas for the structure of the narrative story to play within. The performer interacts with the present elements – the Paintings, a bucket with clear water, a kitchen knife, a man’s jacket and shirt, a towel, grapes – driven by awe and child-like energy, through highly physical and symbolic actions that provoke the character’s journey forward through the story of the play.
Throughout the play our performer – HE – ‘glitches’ back and forth between five different characters. Highly contrasting, these characters range in stylistic representation and physical state. Truthful Self is our Hero character, we follow his path as we, the audience, ask ourselves what other Beings reside within us also? Not man versus woman externally. But male versus female internally. And why not both? Why not ALL? And how is our Truthful Self a combination of all these disparate, strange, powerful and sometimes terrifying elementals that present themselves in Alpha Who?

In cooperation with TATWERK | Performative Forschung

Video »Alpha Who?«
Trailer »Alpha Who?«


Concept: Matt Franco
Direction: Gail Sixsmith
Scenography: Saverio Tonoli
Voice: Jonathan Dawes
Dramaturgy: Matt Franco & Gail Sixsmith
Music Composition: Sabio Januak
Sound: Sabio Janiak, Matt Franco & Gail Sixsmith
Light: Matt Franco, Gail Sixsmith & Saverio Tonoli
Costume: Ginevra Angiuli


Open Rehearsal:
May 22nd 2019
TATWERK |  Berlin

August 7th 2019
The Cockpit | London

Further shows:
August 8th, 9th 2019
The Cockpit | London