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artes moriendi: Ways of Dying

  • Compagnie des Wanderers und A dog's heart Theatre
  • June 8th 2018
  • TATWERK | Berlin

Part of PAF - Berlin Performing Arts Festival

Sharing Before Showing
Close up of burning candles on a cake © Francesco Paggiaro

It's the birthday party of Joyce. She's about to die. And she is seven.
Then, the clock strikes 4 at Schönefeld Airport.
The weather is stormy. It's time to bring in the cake.
What a wonderful age! The weather is not getting any better. In a surburban house, an old woman falls from her couch, eyes open.
The screen of a phone lights up and asks "Where are you?". The old woman bites her tongue. The plane takes off. The birthday girl closes her eyes and blows out the candles.  
We see death everywhere, but we rarely admit to it. Inspired by 15th century Artes Moriendi writings, Ways of dying, we look at the micro-rituals, subtle moves and cries for help that betray our macabre thoughts in a rare collection of dark flashes and deep silences.


June 8th 2018 | 3.30pm and 6pm

TATWERK | Berlin


Direction: Federico Schwindt
Dramaturgie and Text: Marie Yan (with contributions from the ensemble)
Direction Assistant: Ailian Formia
With: Emiliano Passaro, Gabriela Turano, Ivanna Sol, Tanja Watoro, Raquel Grela and others
Costumes: Jojo Shone
Set Design: The Right Person
Production: Compagnie des Wanderers and A dog's heart Theatre in cooperation with TATWERK | Performative Forschung
Production Assistant: Karen Ka Wan Cheung


At TATWERK in Berlin, late 2017, Compagnie des Wanderers met A dog's heart Theatre. They both wanted to go back to the raw foundation of live theatre and radically experiment. So they embarked on a piece together, Artes Moriendi - Ways of Dying, using their guts and the diversity of their cultural background to fuel their creativity and beautiful dissents.
All scattered between Argentina and several European countries and meeting only to make art, both groups look for ways to be local and produce art while being aware of its environmental impact, attempting to reduce its carbon footprint.