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notanet party

  • nota e.V.
  • June 30th 2022
  • Kiezkapelle | Berlin

Explore digital rooms, create your own space and get to know nota and the artists’ community around it.

Schriftszug "nota" © nota e.V.

nota.space opens up an initially empty and seemingly infinite space in which text, image, video and sound files can be arranged as fragments in the most diverse ways and related to one another.
A restless net community has been gathering around nota since 2019, continuously expanding to include international researchers from performance, net activism, visual art, experimental film, sound art, and science. With notanet this community is now creating a new kind of critical network.
Now it is your turn to join the crowd!
Highlight of the pogram: »match made in nota«, »nota jukebox« and of course a whole lot of personal nota tutorial!
Bring your laptop, bring your data - and bring your favourite drink recipe. A team of dilettant bartenders will be pleased to mix your special drink.

Further infos:

Part of NOTANET,a cooperation between nota e.V. TATWERK Berlin, documenta archiv, KAMPNAGEL Hamburg, S-K-A-M e.V. und Wand 5 e.V.
Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.

DAKU Logokombi hellgrau 05


June 30th 2022 | 3 pm
Kiezkapelle | Berlin
Hermannstraße 99-102

Please register via email at with the subject »notaparty«