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Die Polizei und ich

  • Sarah Johanna Steinfelder / Janette Mickan & Team
  • March 16th - 19th 2023
  • TD | Berlin
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Die Polizei und ich © Jannette Mickan

'Hey, you there!' a policeman calls out as I walk down the street. I turn around. Does my pulse increase? Do I wonder if I've done something wrong? Does my flight reflex kick in, or do I finally feel safe? The stories split here, depending on who I am, how I am read, and whether and how I fit into society. But also, depending on who that police officer is, who is calling out.

Based on interviews and reports of actual encounters, this theater evening examines the relationship of individuals to the police. For this, the research team spoke with political activists and police officers, and people who have had very different experiences with the police in everyday situations. Supplemented by found objects from popular culture and music, text and choreographic sequences reflect different perspectives on the relationship between the individual and the state apparatus on stage. At the center is the question of what encounters with police tell us about social togetherness.

The police are the only state institution allowed to use physical force. Their appearance has an effect: a uniform, a bullet-proof vest, a radio, a distinctive belt with a firearm, handcuffs, a baton - everything needed to represent and execute physical superiority. Whether in music, in children's books, in fetish, or on the street, the representation of police everywhere is about sovereignty and submission. And while that very stereotype and gesture of power are under criticism: When I'm scared, I call the police. I demand them to protect me, my property, and everyone I care about.


Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of Neustart Kultur. In cooperation with Tatwerk | Performative Forschung and TD Berlin.


Open rehearsal with talk:
2 March 2023 | 7 pm
TATWERK | Berlin

Program: www.theaterscoutings-berlin.de/die_polizei_und_ich

16 March 2023 | 8 pm

Weitere Vorstellungen:
17 - 18 March 2023 | 8 pm
19 March 2023 | 6 pm

TD Berlin
Klosterstrasse 44
10179 Berlin



Text and direction: Sarah Johanna Steinfelder and Janette Mickan
Performance: Beatriz Silva Aranda, Judith Florence Ehrhardt, Mareile Metzner
Set and costume design: Soojin Oh
Sound design: Haesoo Eshu Jung
Choreography: Beatriz Silva Aranda
Lighting design: Raquel Rosildete
Production management: Chris Wohlrab
Public relations: Aurora Kellermann
Interview research: Judith Florence Ehrhardt, Sarah Johanna Steinfelder, Janette Mickan
Transcription Jan Weidner


The POLICE AND ME team is an association of freelance theater-makers. The first joint work was the research-based solo performance VERSCHWÖRT EUCH! (2021) and was invited to the festival COMMON PLACES - Days for Participation and Theater (2022). Plays emerge from extensive research involving the entire team. Interviews take a central role. Fields of experimentation include interaction with the audience and the combination of acting with choreographic elements. Working languages are German, English, Korean, and Spanish.