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Angst vor der Angst

  • Welcome Project
  • October 9th 2021
  • Teatro Studio | Rovigo (IT)

Den Teufel an die Wand malen*

Stripped Works
Photo of a person with gas mask and black leather apron, with free arms on the stage illuminated from above © Marina Carluccio

Fears, irrational and divine spirits, take possession of people, villages, cities and even entire nations when they lose the connection to the unconscious material and ignore conflicts and outcasts. »Angst vor der Angst« originates from the need to face the cracks opening while sleeping, to explore the relationship between personal and collective fears and to keep open the dialogue between the every-day experience and its own dark side. On stage one actress unravels a performance made of fragments, familiar and uncanny words, images and soundscapes. A dramaturgy made of dreams, fairy tales and old wisdom, poems and children rhymes, politicians' speeches and academic texts highlight those personal and collective fears which threaten the balance within a peaceful and antiracist society.

*German way of saying, litteraly: »to draw the devil on the wall«

»Angst vor der Angst« ist a coproduction with Teatro del Lemming.
With the support of following residencies: TATWERK | Performative Forschung (Berlin); »IN METAMORFOSI - residenze per la ricerca teatrale« - Teatro del Lemming (Rovigo, IT), theWorkRoom - Fattoria Vittadini in Zusammenarbeit mit Fondazione Milano Scuole Civiche (Mailand, IT); Chille de la balanza (Florenz, IT)

Video »Angst vor der Angst«
Trailer »Angst vor der Angst«


November 24th2018
TATWERK | Berlin
within »Stripped Works Festival 2018«

September 12th 2019
Festival Opera Prima | Rovigo (IT)

Further Shows:
September 19th 2019
Festival Il sacro attraverso l'ordinario | Turin (IT)

November 8th - 10th 2019
Acker Stadt Palast | Berlin

September 1st2020
San Salvi | Florenz (IT)

October 9th 2021
Teatro Studio | Rovigo (IT)


By and with: Chiara Elisa Rossini
Assistance and video: Aurora Kellermann
Original music: Munsha
Technics: Silvia Massicci
Videorecordings: Marina Carluccio


Welcome Project - The Foreigner's Theatre was born in Berlin in 2015 by initiative of Chiara Rossini.
Its name is due to a particular idea of theatre: Theatre is another world, governed by other rules, a space where unordinary things can happen. Within its borders, we are all strangers looking for intimacy and dignity.
The name «Welcome Project» is sentimentally connected to a movie: «Welcome» is a film of Philip Loiret. It tells the story of a clandestine that tries to overpass the English Channel by swimming because he wants to join his lover. The first production of the group is «Intime Fremde».
Their first production «Intime Fremde», produced by Teatro del Lemming in collaboration with TATWERK | Performative Forschung, had its premiere in November 2015 at Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin and toured among Italy and Germany until 2019.
2017 «Intime Fremde» was nominated by the Italian Magazine «Krapp's Last Post» among the best 10 pieces of 2017. In the same year it was awarded the Jury Prize of the Italian Festival «Crash Test». «Angst vor der Angst» premiered on 12th September 2019 at the Italian festival «Opera Prima». The piece was in the final selection of the «Dante Cappelletti - tuttoteatro.com» Award.