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Alices Geschwister

  • Daniela Lunelli aka Munsha
  • February 4th - 7th 2021
  • Theater im Delphi | Berlin

This multimedia theatre tells the bizarre, tragiccomical story of a girl who refuses to accept socially standardized paradigms. The novel Alice in Wonderland becomes the foil for a web of video, music and language.

Graphic of built blue rat on black background © Anders Bigum

Alice is different: she talks to herself and to animals, experiences sensory delusions and goes through various adventures with quite strange, fantastic characters. The novel by Lewis Carroll already hints at various psychic border crossings.
Is she just an extremely clever, curious and imaginative girl or does she live on the edge of borderline symptoms and schizophrenic delusions?
In »Alices Geschwister« reinterpretation Alice does not fall into a deep rabbit hole, but is admitted to a psychiatric institution. In order to escape the daily routine of the hospital, Alice creates her own reality and creates imaginary friends, doubled I's, a Cheshire Cat and Lewis Carroll himself.
»Alices Geschwister« takes the audience on a journey into a crazy and funny world of a mental institution and weaves original quotes from the novel with original letters from patients, her own texts and music to a bizarre and tragic texture.

A production in cooperation with Theater im DELPHI and TATWERK | Performative Research. Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.
With the friendly support of the Verein zum Erhalt der Domjüch - ehemalige Landesirrenanstalt e.V. and Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin.

Video »Alices Geschwister«
Trailer »Alices Geschwister«



February 4th 2021 | 8:00 pm

Further Shows:
Feburary 5th - 7th 2021 | 8:00 pm

Theater im Delphi | Berlin


With: Karoline Stegemann, Sophia Platz, Daniela Lunelli aka Munsha (Live Music)

Concept, Text, Direction, Composition: Daniela Lunelli aka Munsha
Co-Direction: Susanne Chrudina
Video Production: Anders Bigum
Live Video: Dafne Narvaez Berlfein
Character Design: Nelson Santos
Production Management: Chris Wohlrab
Light Design: Hendrik Haupt
Sound Engineering: Utku Tavil
Make-Up: Nataša Trifunać
Cameras: Catalina Fernandez, Noam Gorbat
Fotography: Anna Motterle
Helper: Seamus O'Donnell
Grafik / Layout: Aurora Kellermann