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#resetting motherhood 1

  • Initiative X Tage
  • September 15th 2017
  • TATWERK | Berlin


Sharing Before Showing
Photo of many scattered objects on a wooden floorboard: unicorn cuddly toy, camera, orange Reclam booklet, apple, tobacco and filter, children's toothpaste, colorful children's xylophone, dark red velvet lady's shoe with heel, tablet packaging, various guidebooks, two dice, Duplo bricks, small platic spoons, massage ball, glass and plastic bottles and flacons, other miscellaneous toys and hygiene articles. © Gesa Heichel

#regrettingmotherhood is performance, lecture, opera and real.
#regrettingmotherhood is taboo, but everyone is talking about it, an internet phenomenon of positions contested.
#regrettingmotherhood is good and bad, free and forced, natural, invented, shimmering, in ruins; is pink and black.

The collective provocatively combines the contradictory, but always unambiguous and always devastating opinions about being a mother with the musical force of opera voices and new music. To mark the end of the Forum Wars, Initiative X Tage 2017 is conducting a four-month music-theatrical laboratory series in cooperation with TATWERK | Performative Forschung to research questions surrounding the #regrettingmotherhood discourse and the mother role images of our present. Together with artists and experts from new music, dance, theater, pedagogy and sociology, and above all with mothers and fathers, she asks why women (should) become mothers, whether the decision to have a child can be reversed, whether it is all normal, and what people might say.
In the lab, the questions are answered for the first time: acoustically, visually, in the form of videos, interviews and images before the resulting documentary material is edited in 2018 and presented to the Berlin audience for the first time in a 20-30 minute showing.


September 15th 2017 | 6 pm
TATWERK | Berlin


Vocals: Amelie Baier
Composition: Nando Hamker
Architecture: David Eder
Dance: Lorna Leku
Director: Thomas Fabian Eder


Das Musik-, Theaterkollektiv INITIATIVE X TAGE wurde 2011 in Berlin von Änne-Marthe Kühn und Thomas Fabian Eder gegründet und bildet als Zusammenschluss von Ko-Aktivist*innen ein offenes Netzwerk, zu dem stets neue Experten und Künstler*innen unterschiedlichster Disziplinen stoßen.