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nota.space opens up an initially empty and seemingly infinite space in which text, image, video and sound files can be arranged as fragments in the most diverse ways and related to one another.
A restless net community has been gathering around nota since 2019, continuously expanding to include international researchers from performance, net activism, visual art, experimental film, sound art, and science. With notanet this community is now creating a new kind of critical network.
Now it is your turn to join the crowd!
Highlight of the pogram: »match made in nota«, »nota jukebox« and of course a whole lot of personal nota tutorial!
Bring your laptop, bring your data - and bring your favourite drink recipe. A team of dilettant bartenders will be pleased to mix your special drink.

Further infos:

Part of NOTANET,a cooperation between nota e.V. TATWERK Berlin, documenta archiv, KAMPNAGEL Hamburg, S-K-A-M e.V. und Wand 5 e.V.
Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.

DAKU Logokombi hellgrau 05

Reality Surfing is a non-narrative visual performance, which proposes to the audience to experience an alternative model of the coexistence of people and inanimate entities. It discovers new relations between daily objects through their materiality and presence in one space, which gain an equivalent value to the presence of a human body. The scenography of the piece comprises a system that exists and functions according to its own rights. It serves and requires a service; it absorbs and triggers; its geometry is meaningless as well as a feeling of destruction. The authors invite a spectator/ visitor to forget about rational logic and surf into a new reality composed of collaboration with sponges, oranges, machines, ghosts, and other unexpected species.
Each of us assembles our own small worlds with the available things and knowledge, using random fragments of reality as stones for building the wall against the wind. When the wall falls, we find ourselves in a vapor landscape that unites collapsed pieces into the new creature. Where we can surf from the cardboard box to the dolphin’s fin by accepting the terms and conditions. Where are moments of entropy and freedom, no matter if we are locked up, locked down, or just among ourselves and our surroundings.

The performance lasts 60 minutes. There is no language barrier.

Workshop: Materiality on Vacation

June 9th 2022 | 12 - 4:30 pm

Through exploring different ways of relating to things, surprising connections appear. In this 1-day workshop, PYL will introduce strategies for rethinking the materiality of everyday objects and revealing the multiplicity of narratives behind them. 

You will get to know other ways of communication and coexistence through collective playing with objects. You will find out what Living Scenography is and how things “act” and ”speak” to you and each other. Perhaps, you may hear the story of the birth of the plug in someone’s breath. By becoming aware of the relationships between us and our surroundings, we can experience where an object ends, where a landscape starts, and how we fit in it. Based on our shared experience and observations, we can create our new common world with its own language and logic. Is it not the ideas, symbols and feelings that can keep a world together?
Join the workshop if you like playing with objects; if you like to communicate not only with people but also with things; if you are generally a sensitive human that can get inspired by both unpredictable and daily events.

A workshop led by PYL: Sviatlana Silich, Theresa Schrezenmeir and Maria Komarova

Part of: »Beyond Touring: Reality Surfing and Insider tour project at Tatwerk, Terén and Transit Foundation«, supported by Creative Europe Perform Europe program.
Perform Europe is an EU-funded project that aims to rethink the way performing arts works are presented across borders in a more inclusive, sustainable and balanced way by testing new approaches to staging and distribution. Perform Europe also aims to provide strategic recommendations for the future EU support system.
Media partner is taz. die tageszeitung.

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»Insider: Unwrapping Reality« mediates a perceptual laboratory in which the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds are questioned in an attempt to reflect on what everyday lived reality actually means.
»Insider: Unwrapping Reality« is a mixed reality performance for one person at a time that plays with the overlap of presence. It is a sensorial experience that uses the combination of touchscapes and immersive video to create parallel realities that confront the viewer with the question of how much to engage with the tactile world and how much with the visual. How to exist simultaneously in both realities, the virtual and the physical? The choices of each viewer, create a particular way of investigating and experiencing the proposed world.
This sensorial experience occurs in interaction with strangers - some of them virtual, some of them of real flesh and blood-; the viewer decides how to relate to them using different modes of attention: observing, imagining, imitating, opposing, ignoring, embodying another or even disembodying him/herself. »The Insider« engages the viewer in a continuous negotiation between the need for following one’s agency - differentiating oneself from others-, and adapting and reshaping oneself to be with the other.

»Insider: Unwrapping Reality« does not pretend to benefit from VR to create empathy among people, if something, it promotes empathy towards oneself, the presence of others being a bridge to self-awareness.

The performance is designed for two people, is in English and lasts 60 minutes.

The performances are accompanied by the facilitation format »Response to go« with Theaterscoutings Berlin and the audio walk »A conversation with the New St. Jacobi Cemetery«.

Response to go
Response to go is an invitation to share impressions via a closed messenger chat and learn about the perception of your fellow audience members.
This post-performance discussion takes place in the bathtub. Or on the S-Bahn. During breakfast or the cigarette after. We will be searching for traces of the production in our own everyday lives; we will continue to write the story of the production digitally on our smartphones. We will post photos, sounds, text or videos, receive tasks, pose questions. We will choose the time and place ourselvesand, by the way, we will remain anonymous.
To participate to the digital post-performance discussion »Response to go« we only need your permission to invite you to the closed messenger chat.

A conversation with the New St. Jacobi Cemetery
Notes on memorial through an audiowalk. We accompany you for 30 minutes and show you thoughts and places that are growing here. Stones, fossils and gifts in a place where living and leaving co-exist.

By Eva Rosemarijn, Lamija Čehajić, Cristina Maldonado

Produced by Terén.

With the support of Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes and Sistema de Apoyos a la Creación y Proyectos Culturales (FONCA), Mexico.
Part of: »Beyond Touring: Reality Surfing and Insider tour project at Tatwerk, Terén and Transit Foundation«, supported by Creative Europe Perform Europe program.
Media partner is taz. die tageszeitung.

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The hybrid performance CHAT-INFERNO explores the communication form of chat including its emotionalizing and socially explosive forces. An analog audience moves through a room installation - inspired by Dante's Commedia - with smartphones and headphones and can chat with each other. The chat texts appear via beamer on projection screens in the room. A parallel online audience can also join the performance via chat. Together, the participants descend into the digital pit of flatterers and the swamp of angry souls.
Interrobang has been developing participatory performance formats for many years. In the course of our rehearsal phases, we hold several tryouts with test audiences.

A well-charged smartphone with headphones is required to participate. In addition, the Firefox browser should be installed beforehand.

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