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  • LivecoderA
  • April 13th2024 | 4 p.m.
  • TATWERK | Berlin

Algorave and global live coding community meeting.

The image features a central figure blending human and animal traits: a woman's pixelated face merges seamlessly with a tiger perched on her head. Her hands rest on a DJ mixing console, transitioning into a desert landscape below. The abstract background is a chaotic mix of distorted colors akin to glitch art. © Elaboration by Flor de Fuego based on Cyborg by Lynn Randolph, 1989

A LivecoderA is a woman* who arrived to code to use it as a weapon, a song, a dress. Looking to society, she decided to create a different possible future for it through its most potent element: culture.
I care about eating, doing art, fucking, sleeping and coding.
A LivecoderA, with some or a very few privileges, made a life route through patriarchal hostility. This LivecoderA is fully aware. Each space gained is an opportunity to subvert logic, to weave ties, to implant love.
A LivecoderA is a code worker (which is never neutral) who has to fight for her rigths on several spaces. Daily she faces different types of gender violence (symbolic, psychological, economical, physical, sexual), but she debates them in order to mend it collectively.

Live coding was born from the meeting of two subcultures: that of hackers and that of electronic music, with frequent references to rave culture. Even though the community sees rave culture as just one of the many components of live coding, the result is the perfect combination of the two: There are the ideals of knowledge sharing, the rejection of hierarchies, leaders and performance principles. Livecodera takes this to another level by creating a safe space for FLINTA* people in this context. A group consisting exclusively of FLINTA* offers group members a safe space in which they can develop their individual voices without running the risk of being overshadowed within the larger, male-dominated group.
We welcome allies of any gender in our audience! Show your support!

In this event we combine different techniques with live coding to create a unique experience.


A project by TATWERK | Performative Research in cooperation with LivecoderA Berlin.
Funded by the Project Fund for Cultural Promotion of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district.

Video »LivecoderA«
Trailer »LivecoderA«


April 13th 2024 | 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Entrance: 15€ | 10€ Reduced

The event will be streamed on the YouTube channel of Eulerroom and on the Twitch channel of TATWERK


Featuring: Alexandra Cardenas/Tiemposdelruido, Chemical Adam, Mars, Nikola Lutz, Hellen Wu


In March 2022, LivecoderA, a new live coding community, emerged out of a need to recognize a specific group of live coders who identify as women. The group is inherently feminist and intersectional, and its creation was motivated by many desires. These included: solidarity and visibility, to be counted as sisters, and to show each other the strength of our numbers. Since then, a manifesto and several events have been held, and the community
is active online, but also connects in person whenever possible by coordinating performances, residencies and meetings.
LivecoderA's growth comes from its members recognizing the value of such a judgement-free space, combined with a shared understanding of the challenges women face as tech artists. Through the support we give each other, as well as through our work and collaborations, true and meaningful friendships are formed that transcend the boundaries of location, language or culture. The LivecoderA community acts as a supportive group that tries to minimize the pressure around the activities it organizes and works within its individual capacities and time commitments.