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physical prospects

  • Nora Tormann
  • Parkhaus Neuköllner Arcaden | Berlin
Stripped Works
Eine Person liegt auf einer hellen Fläche aus organischem Material - Moos. Die Person ist von abgwandt, stützt sich mit den Händen etwas hoch und hält den Kopf gesenkt. Die Person trägt eine helle Hose und ein kurzärmliges Shirt aus Luftpolsterfolie. Der Hintergrund ist schwarz. © Louisa Boeszoermeny

A landscape of bodies, moss, concrete. The landscape rests. Then slowly starts to move:
A cracking sound, as if the surface of a silent landscape suddenly breaks open, because the bubbling underneath seeks its path. Cracks condense, deform the landscape, bring it to life - destroy it.

»physical prospects« lingers in this place of crumbling apart, of decay: in the opening interstices, it traces the violence of the Anthropocene. Queer perspectives on grief and rage set physical prospects' own fragility as a resistant anchor point. What can such resistance look like, how does it feel, how does it materialize?

»physical prospects« unfolds between a body, moss and a vast concrete landscape. The choreography not only sets the body in motion, but also the materials, so that at times the whole landscape is in flux. At times the body detaches itself, and is confronted with its own vulnerability and rage. And yet the body remains part of the dynamic: under the hands, the landscape disintegrates or breaks under its weight. Nothing remains but to witness the landscape as it falls apart. The choreographic dialogue between body and landscape searches for possibilities to endure the vulnerability and the rage together and thus manifest a counter-design.

A production by Nora Tormann
The revival is produced by TATWERK I Performative Research.
Supported by the National Perfomance Netz - stepping out, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the Initiative Neustadtkultur. Auxiliary Program Dance.


In the frame of PAF - Performing Arts Festival Berlin

May 26th - 27th - 28th  2022 | 10 pm

Parkhaus Neuköllner Arcaden
Karl-Marx-Straße 66
12043 Berlin

12 € | 7 € reduced

On May 26th at 9:15 pm: »Tuning In - A Sound Meditation for "physical prospects"« by Theaterscoutings Berlin


Choreography & Performance: Nora Tormann
Stage design: Helena Rauch
Sound design: Zofía Tomzcyk
Lighting design: Raquel Rosildete
Choreographic assistance: Soroa Lear
Artistic assistance: Elsa Mencagli
Mentoring: Sigal Zouk
Production Management: Chris Wohlrab
Public relations: Anita Goß
Public relations: Aurora Kellermann
Photo: Louisa Boeszoermeny
Video documentation: Svenja Simone Schulte
Graphic design: Ksenia Apresian
Sound engineering: Antto Logy
Technical assistance: Emilio Cordero Checa


Nora Tormann works with performance, choreography and text. Nora's latest work »TURN - Cartography of a movement« will premiere as a choreographic audio walk in April 2022. Previously, Nora created »physical prospects« (ACUD Theater Berlin, 2021 - and to be seen in the 2022 Performing Arts Festival Berlin program) and the solo »what remains washes away« (Celestial Bodies Performing Arts Festival Reykjavík, 2019).
As a dance dramaturg, Nora has collaborated with dance collective "Grupo Oito", performance company for young audiences "in back" and solo artists, among others, since 2019. Nora is co-founder of CELESTIAL BODIES, a Europe-wide platform for artists.
Nora holds a Master's degree in Performing Arts (2019 in Reykjavík) and a Bachelor's degree with a focus on political theory, gender studies and sociology (2016 in Maastricht and Guadalajara).