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Red / 赤 Vol. 5

  • Motimaru
  • August 1st 2019
  • TATWERK | Berlin

Le mani, Gangsters, Zero

Image of the paintings "Conformity", "Uniformity" by Nina L Felice. Set one above the other, below female bodies from the waist to the knee in black skirts, bare leg can be seen, above upper body in white blouses standing on a gray surface, like figurines without arms and heads. The color scheme gray, white and black and rough brushstroke. © Motimaru

Motimaru presents a series of body and mind movement researches on the topic of the »Feminine«.
The Feminine refers not to Feminism but to human quality.
In »Red« Motimaru's research on the movement behind the movement continues.
What is there behind? And behind the behind?
The night event includes 3 performances, a solo, a trio and a solo.

Le Mani

A piece about the immersion into a real touch. A physical touch, a mental touch, an emotional touch of a human, of a plant, of the heart, of the air... Letting it penetrate, disturb, pierce and unlock. Desires and wishes emerging. Carrying, caressing, holding, protecting them within. Alive.


Initially inspired by the paintings »Conformity«, »Uniformity« of Nina L Felice. It explores through subtle body movements the fixity of the body and its possibility of deconstruction and reconstruction. Between dream and reality, tragic and comic, sacred and profane the piece portrait three ordinary women which turn to be gangsters


Zero is a new beginning, the point from where after a disaster, everything must start again.


August 1st 2019 | 8:30 pm

TATWERK | Berlin


By and with: Antonia Stäcker

Direction and choreography: Tiziana Longo
With: Toni Starker, Ana Pellegrini Costa and Marylin Moradian

By and with: Tiziana Longo
Music composition: Ilya Gertman


Motimaru is a dance company founded in Tokyo by Motoya Kondo and Tiziana Longo. After they trained for 5 years at the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, studying and working as dancers and stage assistants of Yoshito Ohno – a son of Kazuo Ohno, they left Japan and have started fieldwork research about traditional and ritual dances in Japan, India, Bali, and Tibetan area in Nepal.
Motimaru define dance as a way to experience deeper reality of our existence and are experimenting to create a new authentic dance method beyond any genre.
They have been performing in: the finale of the Marathon of the Unexpected at Venezia Biennale 2010, 9th International Choreography Competition "No Ballet”, International Dance Festival Lucky Trimmer2016, etc. and have been performing and teaching in Europe, Asia, Australia in over 30 cities.