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  • Queens
  • May 31st 2019
  • TATWERK | Berlin

»The body is not a thing, it's a situation: it's our grasp on the world and our sketch of our project.« Simone de Beauvoir

Rising © Sigel Eschkol

Four Queens play a game of social rapture by classes, genders, species that is breaking between control and madness. Queens is poetic and exploratory, a contemporary perspective of the female body in a digital world of deception and lie.


May 31st 2019 | 3 and 6 pm

TATWERK | Berlin
within PAF - Performing Arts Programm 2019


By and with: Nadja Haas, Christine Bonansea, Kathleen Hermsdorf, Yuko Kaseki
Music: Superhand
Stage: Katharina-Schoenbach


QUEENS is an artist collective: performers Nadja Haas, Christine Bonansea, Kathleen Hermsdorf, Yuko Kaseki , sound artist Superhand and stage sculptor Katharina-Schoenbach.