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Ødipus REC. - Writing the libretto

  • The Navidsons
  • November 16th 2018
  • TATWERK | Berlin

»You mock the blind man, and you stand in the light, but you do not see your own blindness.«

Sharing Before Showing
Photography of an exhibition space with room installation, a painting in the background and a woman in a fatsuit lying on her stomach, her face to the floor under a floating wooden object. © Till Wyler von Ballmoos

The freely translated quote from Theresias serves as the leitmotif for the latest project of the artistic team The Navidsons: it picks up on the ability to see and hear, the interrelation between narcissism and empathy, between visibility and invisibility in the myth of Oedipus.

The collaborative writing process in TATWERK focuses on the question of how something can be transferred from myth to logos, how a one-time event can be given sustainability.

The past mythical events, however, are not primarily narrated in terms of content, but reveal themselves qua mousike. In it, the original conflict and its solution resounds/penetrates, but not in real form, but primarily in its mousical dimension, i.e. as something sonorous/affective/moving that is transferred.


November 16th 2018
TATWERK | Berlin


With: Till Wyler von Ballmoos, Tassilo Tesche, Ole Hübner


THE NAVIDSONS consists of Till Wyler von Ballmoos (director), Ole Hübner (composition), Tassilo Tesche (scenography), Maxine Devaud (production management) and other actors.
In collaborative authorship, the group develops music theater at the intersection of performance, opera and art installation.
Their artistic work focuses on experiments with new spatial concepts of music theater and forms of open dramaturgy. The search for new processes of project development with the aim of a musical - performative staging of fragile moments of dissolution and transformation are driving forces of her productions. Her practical work pursues the idea of creating "topographies of states" through live choreographies with musicians, singers, dancers and other performers. The audience is invited to reflect on categories such as fiction, unpredictability, personal history and longing in an aisthetic experience. The boundaries between staging and improvisation, creation and deconstruction, between visual media, music and architectural space are explored in projects such as THE NAVIDSON RECORDS (Munich Biennale for Contemporary Music Theater / Konzert Theater Bern), among others.
THE NAVIDSONS were invited to present their work with an OPEN-WORKSTATION at the Operadagen 2018 in Rotterdam.