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artes moriendi: A Birthday Party

  • Compagnie des Wanderers
  • April 7th 2018
  • TATWERK | Berlin

Artes Moriendi: A birthday Party is a party/performance event of the Berlin Working Group: "Compagnie des Wanderers" and "A dog's heart theater". This event is a part of their next joint theater project: Artes Moriendi - ways of dying.

Sharing Before Showing
Photo of cake with candles and hand lighting the candles © Federico Schwindt

It is a children's birthday party that lasts for 3 hours. However, when the birthday cake is brought, no one is there to blow out the candles.
An absence hangs in the air. The cake is eaten. Group games are organized in the room and we play carefree like children again, yet something in the game reminds us of death.
We think of our own death, yet, or because of it, the games continue and we feel more alive than before.

The play will premiere on June 8 as part of the Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2018. In this project, the stories of different characters are brought to the stage, which all have a common goal: to make death tangible already in life.


Compagnie des Wanderers und A dog's heart theatre


April 7th 2017 | 8:30 pm

TATWERK | Berlin