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Der Mann im Bett schaut zur Garderobe

  • Óscar Pastor und Antonia Gomis
  • January 23rd 2016
  • TATWERK | Berlin

El hombre de la cama mira hacia el perchero | Spanish with German subtitles Interactive format in which the intellectual idea of the play is to be physically explored by the audience with performative means after the staging.

Photo of reflection of a bare tree in a pond of water © Antonia Gomis

This play reflects my personal view, my experiences and memories. Which effects do losses have on our living together: How can anything which is not there anymore influence our present time? As we are only able to see 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum, which impacts do the other 99% have on us? Spaces are filled with history, with human beings, their actions and emotions. Thus do spaces remember?
These and other questions are raised in the play without forgetting the melancholy of the picture I draw therein.
Connected to the play there will be offered a workshop, in which we will physically explore the theoretical ideal of the play using performance techniques.


Direction: Óscar Pastor
Text and Performance: Antonia Gomis
Support: Mayte Laorden


January 23rd 2016 | 8 pm

TATWERK | Berlin