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Short stories big city

  • Despina Kapetanaki
  • February 13th 2016
  • TATWERK | Berlin

One performer, the space and you - the spectator. You enter.

Photo of woman with glasses looking directly into camera and making "Sh", finger placed on lips © Despina Kapetanaki

A glamorous guy is welcoming you. And then listen: electronic bits come out of the speakers. A stream of fragmented reality is unfolding in front of your eyes: daily life, street images and familiar human behaviour is taking over the space. What is this about? The city is dancing. Watch: who is this funny guy and why does he speak so strange? And what about that woman? What does she want from you? Oh! And look over there: there is somebody who looks like you. Now, keep watching. What is this about? The city is dancing and it's dancing for you. Observe: something will emerge. Be aware. Do not lower your eyes: the city is dancing and it's dancing hard. Do you follow? This is about you, about us. In other words: Short Stories Big City. Welcome to the show...


Created and performed by Despina Kapetanaki
Music by Michael Lovatt


February 13th 2016 | 8 pm

TATWERK | Berlin
After the performance, artist talk in collaboration with Theaterscoutings Berlin