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Possible Memories 15 | 2

  • Diverse
  • November 6th - 8th 2015
  • TATWERK | Berlin

»Jeder vergangene Moment hängt vom gegenwärtigen Moment ab.«
Jonathan Safran Foer

Photo of turtle on green lawn © TATWERK | PERFORMATIVE FORSCHUNG

The Festival Program

Reciprocal affectation

Andrew Wass und Jenny Döll

Reciprocal affectation is a spontaneously composed duet that investigates issues of power, freedom and responsibility. By focusing their embodied investigation to the location of touch, the dancers discover the compositional limitations in the moment and simultaneously investigate the freedom within those limitations. The intentional use of a minimal aesthetic and raw physicality offers the possibility to layer the own stories, fantasies and fiction onto the dance. The material of the piece is composed on the spot, emerging from a sense of urgency, a need for immediacy and directness, yet subtle listening to each other's voices. Each performer is engaged in their own personal research of physicality of sound and movement. In the meeting the five performers are passionately striving to give form to the ever fleeting moment, delving deep into the relationship of dance and music.

Musiktanznulldreissig - 365 days later

Manuela Lucia Tessi, Friederike Wendorf, Gabor Csongradi, Lina Allemano

The material of the piece is composed on the spot, emerging from a sense of urgency, a need for immediacy and directness, yet subtle listening to each other's voices. Each performer is engaged in their own personal research of physicality of sound and movement. In the meeting the five performers are passionately striving to give form to the ever fleeting moment, delving deep into the relationship of dance and music.

Leave the keys and go

Gali Kinkulkin

As a based in Berlin artist of mixed Russian-Israeli background, I often deal with questions regarding my identity and the effect it has on my responsibility towards political and social processes around the world. How does my cultural identity influence the way I see and react to the world and when does it translate into action? By using continuous and exhausting movements which evoke feelings of discomfort, I question how can one use the body, which contains infinitive amount of information, in order to explore the complexity of cultural and self identities. Is there a complex identity, one that allows a neutral and objective view of the world.

Intime Fremde

Chiara Rossini / Welcome Project

When I was a child my mother used to tell me, that I am a citizen of the world. Of course I believed her, she was my mother. But the older I got the more I understood that this is only my mother's dream. Borders exist - for somebody more, for the luckiest less. Their lines and rules sometimes change, but they do exist.

Ghost Cello

Stefano Taiuti

Sit down beside my imagination

Jasminka Stenz

»Sit down beside my imagination« is a dance performance that concentrates on momental happening in its space and architecture. It is a constant composition that researches the intimate moment and wonders about what I can tell and what I should better leave in my bathroom. There might be visuals, sound design, fashion design and other. There might be just me without something else. Maybe not even me. Maybe its all about you anyway.


Emily Ranford

HD is a multifaceted solo exploring architecture, emotionality and theatricality in relation to choreography and the abstract nature of the body. Traditional and popular aesthetics shape the moving body, treating it sculpturally. Images of theatre, tropical paradise and death treat the body as a sculptural form. Emotionality stored within the body is amplified through holographic fractures of choreogragraphy. Without narrative, specific tasks build tension and drama in the space. Generated through delicate, raw, gestural and practical; interaction lies in the layers.


Hikaru Inagawa / 4Rude

This is a short Butoh piece. The notation is words.The words are visualized, and it is embodied through a dancer. The skin becomes thin and clear. And you can look in the other side of the skin. The man looking pale stands there and holds a glass of milk in the right hand. Milk is stained with some blood. Because the rim of the glass is too sharp and he cannot drink it. In such a strange state, he waits for a train in front of a white building. This is such a story.



Raben sind Vögel, menschlichen Eigenschaften. Mythologisch treten sie oft als Begleiter, Boten und ambivalente Wesen auf. Sie tragen viele Seelen in sich, sind Grenzgänger zwischen den Welten. In dieser Performance verirren sich Körper und Klänge in Bilder, Subjekte, Objekte - in zeitlose Momenten der Hoffnung, Erkenntnis und Entfremdung. Die Körper und Klänge dienen als Projektionsflächen für Assoziationen, Wünsche, Sehnsüchte und Hoffnungen der Zuschauer und laden ein, vermeintliche Abgründe und Stillstände genauerer Betrachtung zu unterziehen. Das Stück Raben hinterfragt binäre Bewertungsmuster und zeigt Bilder von gefangen und festgefahrenen Zuständen und deren Transformation.


Rachell Clark

My artistic research focuses on pop, icons and the imagined. The work I will present at Possible Memories 15 | 2 is a continuation of the research that created ‘By Me Stand’, my work presented in the last festival.  This new solo ‘Currents’ is a section from a larger work titled ‘Kill Your Heros’. The solo brings together different situations that form snapshots into imagined worlds and playfully brings my improvisation practice into a performative setting.

Connecting Fingers

Daniela Lucato

Eine Begegnung mit Geflüchteten.Wie wäre es wohl wenn wir einen Tag lang, für eine Stunde, für eine Minute die Dinge aus ihrer Sicht betrachten würden und hören könnten was sie uns mitzuteilen haben? Während wir versuchen uns in ihre Geschichten einzufühlen, entführen uns Tänzer auf eine weitere Reise.

Es war kein böser

Iphigenia Vogiatzaki und Marina Epp / Butoh Labor Berlin

»Er war kein böser« erzählt von der Dualität des Lebens. In einem Raum ohne Zeit erscheinen zwei Gegensätze. Unsichtbar miteinander verbunden spielen sie den Widerspruch der Einheit.  Das eine kann nicht ohne das andere. Nur gemeinsam sind sie weder gut noch böse. Es war kein böser tells about the duality of life. In an area without time two opposites appear. Invisible interconnected they play the contradiction of unity. The one can not exist without the other. Only together they are neither good nor evil.

Meine Gegenwart ist die Vergangenheit eines anderen

Barbara Toraldo and Mauro Marzo / We left the ground

To those whoo can perceive it, the present is created by someone else’s past, whereas sometimes, this someone is your own self. The spaces around and inside become simultaneously old and new, crossing over the dimensions of time. Through instant composition of dance and sound we initiate a memory game. We’ll divide space into places leading us to discoveries of recollections. Once these are exposed their transformation is inevitable, varying intensity of physical, emotional and empathic responses.

We left the ground

Mauro Marzo aka MONOWATT and the dancer Barbara Toraldo

Since their first encounter in 2008 they have created and presented various performances in Italy and Germany. Their approach to composition is strongly influenced by the interaction between each other, the spatial context and the people attending.

In out & Between / work in progress

Stefania Petracca

This is an idea and an investigation of movement linked to spatiality, emotions, events, relationships, music vibrations, where all these elements make the underground-form and the substrat throught that i move the body, in the dance and in the life. It comes from an idea of what we consider IN and what OUT or BETWEEN. What is the meaning, in a dialetics reference, of IN? Does it mean COOL? Or SAFE? And OUT is its contrary? What is BETWEEN? Does it mean to fluctuate? Or to be indecisive?

BOWO a body without orgasm


LAB EN Inspiriert von A.Artaud, Deleuze /Guattarì
»Then you will teach him again to dance wrong side out as in the frenzy of dance halls and this wrong side out will be his real place«


FRIDAY Nov. 6th 2015 | 9 pm

Reciprocal affectation
Musiktanznulldreissig - 365 days later
Leave the keys and go
Intime Fremde
Ghost Cello

SATURDAY Nov. 7th 2015 | 8:30 pm

Sit down beside my imagination
Connecting Fingers

SUNDAY Nov. 8th 2015 | 8:30 pm

Es war kein böser
Meine Gegenwart ist die Vergangenheit eines anderen
We left the ground
In out & Between / work in progress
BOWO a body without orgasm




Curation and organisation:
Aurora Kellermann & Chris Wohlrab


Andrew Wass formalizes the coincidental and emphasizes the consious processes of composition in order to generate a myriad of possibilities. He has taught and performad at universities, festivals and theaters throughout Europe, the United States and Japan.

Jenny Döll researches Contact Improvisation, Instant Composition and the link between music and dance improvisation. She plays with the medium of movement as a way to alter perception and vice versa. She teaches CI in classes, workshops and at festivals.

MusikTanzNullDreißig is an initiative of flutist Friederike Wendorf and dancer Manuela Tessi. It is a platform aimed at fostering the collaboration of dance and music in performance. It consists of a performance series in various Berlin venues and practice sessions.

Friederike and Manuela met in Amsterdam while working with Katie Duck. Noticing the interest and potential in the local artists community of Berlin, they decided provide a dedicated space where dance and music can mutually inspire each other.

Since April of this year Gali is a permanent resident of Lake Studios Berlin- an artist run dance, production and performance place. Gali was born in Jerusalem and studied at the “Vertigo's dancers training program”. After her studies, in collaboration with 2 more Jerusalem based artists they have initiated "Klipot"- an evening for 5 emerging choreographers in Jerusalem. Since 2012 she is choreographing her own works as well as collaborating with other artists. Her works have performed in several festivals and shows in Israel and Europe.

Chiara Rossini started working as professional actress very young making her apprenticeship in the experimental Teatro del Lemming’s Company. She has been named twice for the Italian Ubu prize as Best actress under 30. During the years she leaded, together with the Company’s director Massimo Munaro, many workshops around Italy and abroad: Biennale of Venice, Universities of Turin and Cosenza, Festivals, etc. She signed the co-direction of the last spectacle of the Lemming’s theater : “Juliet and Romeo. Letters from the liquid world”. She is also working at the publication of the book about Teatro del Lemming’s original theater method “The five senses of the actor”.

Born in Rome in 1967, Stefano Taiuti studies mime and fisical theatre before getting in to butoh in 1994.
mainly studies with Masaki Iwana, Akira Kasay, Min Tanaka, Yoko Muronoi amongst many others.
Director of Lios dance collective and "Trasform'Azioni" international butoh dance festival in Rome from 2000 to 2013.
Director of Zeitgeist dance company from 2007 to 2011, prize winning Premio Dante Cappelletti in Rome in 2007,partecipating to italian and international dance festivals.

Jasminka Stenz lebt und arbeitet als freischaffende Tänzerin, Choreografin und Pädagogin in Berlin und der Schweiz. Neben ihren langjährigen Begleitern, der Geige und dem Tango ist Jasminka Stenz Bühnentänzerin, die ihre Ausbildung bei Bewegungsart Freiburg absolvierte. Sie kreiert eigene Tanzstücke und ist als Performerin in verschiedenen Stücken zu sehen, sowohl mit zeitgenössischem Tanz, als auch mit ihrer Musik. Des weiteren ist sie als Regieassistenz bei diversen Produktionen tätig. Jasminka Stenz arbeitet neben der freischaffenden Tätigkeit als Künstlerin temporär als Pädagogin mit autistischen Kindern mit denen sie körper- und tanzorientiert arbeitet. Außerdem leitet sie Kurse in Tanzimprovisation und Tango in Berlin.

Emily Ranford is an Australian choreographer and dancer based in Berlin. She has worked on many projects in Melbourne and Sydney. In 2013 Emily received the danceWEB Scholarship for Impuls Tanz in Vienna. With support from the Ian Potter Cultural Trust she relocated to Europe in 2014 and has been performing with artists Julian Weber, Rasmus Olme, Michael Muller, Alexandra Pirici, Rachell Clark and Tarren Johnson. Emily has been invited to share her choreographic work in Melbourne, Berlin and France at Conduit Arts, Ada Studio, 3AM Flutgraben, Plateau Gallery and PAF. Her work investigates the architectural nature of the abstract body, relative to emotionality and transformation.

Hikaru Inagawa is an actor, butoh dancer, director and set designer.
From 1998 to 2004, he was a member of the Ku Na'uka Theater Company. He studied the traditional Japanese art of acting based on the Suzuki method. In 2005, he co-founded 4RUDE. 4RUDE is a performing arts unit that aims to find alternative ways; acting without words and dance based on inner experience instead of body movements. Since 2011, he receives Butoh lessons from Yukio Waguri. His latest work is "Die Legenden von Tono“.

Rosalin Hertrich studierte Theater- und Medienwissenschaften in Erlangen, absolvierte die Ausbildung zur Theaterpädagogin und ein Training in Somatic Education (MOC). Sie realisiert in unterschiedlichen Zusammenhängen eigene Solo-, Regie- und Performanceprojekte. Vor allem untersucht sie die soziale Prägung von Körpern und die Dekonstruktion von Habitualisierungen.

Theresa Schrezenmeir studierte in Hildesheim Kulturwissenschaften und ästhetische Praxis. Ihre Projekte verorten sich zwischen Theaterwissenschaften und Soundstudies mit elektronischen und akustischen Klängen unter Thematisierung des Verhältnisses zwischen Körperbildern und Technisierung.

Rachell Bo Clark is a Berlin based Australian dancer, choreographer and dance and yoga teacher. After graduating from The Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne University) in 2013, she moved to Berlin to further extend her connection with contemporary dance and to interact with a more experimental dance/art environment.
Rachell creates work that investigates our humanity. Her work deals with concepts such as: Iconism, real and fake phenomena, perceptions of reality, and audience/performer relationships. She is passionate about the art of choreography and improvisation.
As a freelance dancer Rachell has worked with artists such as, Alessandro Sciarroni (Ity), Sebastian Matthias (Ger), Becky Hilton (Aus), Neberhat Erpolat (Aus/Berlin), Tarren Johnston (USA/Berlin), Irene Cortina Gonzalez and Co. (Spain/Ger) and works collaboratively with Alice Heyward (Aus) and Emily Ranford (Aus).

Daniela Lucato (*1977, in Italien), nahm das Schauspielstudium parallel zu Ihrem Studium in Padua auf. Nach Ihrem Abschluss in Philosophie mit einer anthropologischen Abschlussarbeit zum Thema „Moderner Tanz“ zog es sie von Rom über Wellington nach Berlin. Hier arbeitet sie zur Zeit als Schauspielerin für Filme, Kurzfilme und das Theater. 2013 schrieb sie das auf mehreren Theaterfestivals vertretene Stück „Call me Reality“ bei dem sie auch Regie führte.
„The Birthday“ ist ihr erster Kurzfilm für den Sie sowohl das Drehbuch schrieb als auch Regie in Mandarin und Englisch führte.

In winter 2012 Marina and Iphigenia (Iphigenia Vogiatzaki und Marina Epp / Butoh Labor Berlin) met for the first time at “La Maison du Butoh Blanc” in South Normandy in France. Both artists are based in Berlin. Together they are working on various performance projects. Their works are focused on dance, inspired and shaped by Butoh, and the research of expression. 
Both have background in theater and acting. In 2014 they founded Butoh Labor Berlin. Besides their own research they started organizing classes and workshops.
Since March 2015 ButohLaborBerlin has a studio for research and dance, based at Funkhaus Berlin.

Stefania Petracca lives in Berlin since 2013. She studied dance in Italy with different teachers (Dominique Dupuy, Hervè Diasnas, Company Blu, Piera Pavaniello, Axis Syllabus) and she was formed in Contemporay Dance – Teacher and Coreographer where she degreed in 2008 ,at C.I.M.D. of Franca Ferrari (Milan). After different experiences as dancer with companies in Milan and Tuscany, with Theater Maggio Fiorentino and “Las Furas del Baus” and as a teacher of Contemporary dance in Siena, she moved in Berlin and she is working now as free-lancer. She is a member of the impro-tanz group : collective one:third that won the preis at 100°Berlin festival 2015.   

Enrico Labbate is dancer, performer and choreographer. He studied Architecture, Nikolais Technique and different styles of visual and performing art, working trough intuition and improvisation.He is from Italy, working and studying in Italy and Europe.He creates his first peace 'CONT' in 2012, 'DUO' with Cristina Abati in 2014, BOWO in 2015