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Qui se cache dans ce corps?

  • Ana Kavalis
  • May 27th 2017
  • TATWERK I Berlin

In einer Kultur, die Jahrhunderte ihre Geschichte in einer mündlichen und getanzten Form bewahrt hat, ist es selbstverständlich, dass der Körper das Gedächtnis unserer Vergangenheit wird. Koffi Kôkô

Close-up of a woman's face covered with her hands © Ana Kavalis

My body always surprises me: all that I thought I had forgotten, my body still remembers. It holds on its own memories, ones that I have assumed were lost. In certain situations that awaken a sense of belonging for example, my body, with its ability to bring me back to my most primary being, comes forward: it vibrates differently, my blood flow accelerates, my breathing intensifies, my body expands and, in a way, revives. It re-materializes and re-experiences sentiments and sensations that I, as a person, thought I had erased from my consciousness. Like an independent living matter that remains always receptive, sensitive and vulnerable, experiencing and processing life in exchange with its surrounding. As this happens something frightening and at the same time beautiful occurs: my way of being is put into question and at the same time I am able to return to the most hidden and least evident part of myself.
In this performance, I use my body as an instrument to question my origin and my constant becoming. Through the movement and its physicality I manipulate my body as an object, searching its nooks and crannies, its limitations and tendencies, looking for what does and does not define me.
“Qui se cache dans ce corps?” (“Who is hiding in that body?”) is a poetic and playful performance, combining theater and dance, in which the dialogue with the audience is used as a basis for self-reflection.

Special thanks to TATWERK | Performative Forschung, Projet H107 de Ginebra, La Fab-ka de Saint Etiénne, Théâtre du Galpon de Ginebra, Raphael Schapira, Maria Elena Zayas, Sandra Moreno Mammel.


Directed and performed by Ana Kavalis
Music: Jeff Gburek


May 27th 2017 | 8 pm

TATWERK | Berlin