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El Klub

  • Vöcks de Schwindt, Formia, Turano
  • June 24th 2021
  • TATWERK | Berlin / Online

1st edition: Petit Konzert & More

Photo of heart shaped red seemingly liquid object on white tiles © Gaby Turano

From the meetings that could be improvised, from the incongruities that corona left us, from the icy silence of last winter and from the imperative need to mask ourselves so as not to suffer denial, “El Klub” was born in the atelier.
On this occasion Tatwerk lets us open the portal and stream in program format.
For the joy and bewilderment.

Line Up:

Interrupted stories of eroticism

Ailín Formia & Federico Vöcks de Schwindt

Petit Konzert, at the time

Gabriela Turano

Looking for an end

Ailín Formia, Federico Vöcks de Schwindt & Gabriela Turano


June 24th2021 | 8 pm
TATWERK | Berlin / On Twitch

In English, Spanish and more


By and with: Ailín Formia, Federico Vöcks de Schwindt & Gabriela Turano