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Qesra Balindeyên Xemgîn

  • Huseyin Umaysiz
  • Decembert 5th 2021
  • TAK | Berlin

Sad Birds’ Pavillon follows the traces of a traditional Kurdish narrative and the musical beauty of the Kurdish language in a contemporary new form of expression.


Sad Birds’ Pavillon

Qesra Balindeyên Xemgîn (Sad Birds’ Pavillon) is a performance based on a novel of the same name by Kurdish writer Bakhtyar Ali.

In the novel, a period of 22 years of South Kurdistan is brought to us in the language of people, birds, emigrations, wars, scents, voices, love and music. The performance takes us not only on a journey through the original story of the novel, but also on a journey to another time, the present time. The true life story of the performer is drawn into the time described in the novel.

The performance follows the traces of traditional Kurdish storytelling and the beauty of the Kurdish language. It tries to transform the traditional Kurdish narrative technique into the narrative of modern art within the performance. It looks for our own traces in the scents, the sounds, in the colors, in the songs, in our bodies and in the time we live in today and asks the question without fear: "What is it that makes us?"

Kurdish(Kurmanji) with English surtitle



Book: Bakhtyar Ali
Text: Alan Ciwan, Huseyin Umaysiz
Concept and direction: Hüseyin Umaysiz
Cast:inside: Alan Ciwan, Hêja Netirk
Dramaturgy: Mesut Arslan
Sound: Can Satir, Hüseyin Umaysiz
Photos: Karolina Maruszak
Image consultant: Savaş Boyraz
Production: Theater Antract
Co-production: Ban Theater, Platform 0090, Tatwerk | Performative Research, Kultuurfaktorij Monty, MUT! Theater, Theater RAST


October 14th 2021 | 8:30 pm
Monty Kultuurfaktorij | Antwerpen (Belgium)

Weitere Vorstellungen
October 15th und 16th 2021 | 8:30 pm
Monty Kultuurfaktorij | Antwerpen (Belgium)

December 5th 2021 | 8 pm
TAK | Berlin